On to the Next Chapter

It’s absolutely surreal to think that the last blog post I made was announcing that my handy man and I were going to be having a baby. Once we saw that little plus sign, we kicked it into an even higher gear as our house completion deadline was fast approaching. So though the construction progress […]

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He had my heart at concrete.

I fell in love because of concrete. You know, it doesn’t sound near as romantic when I actually say it out loud, but it’s true. Before I ever stepped into the Chamber world, I worked out on a ranch camp and retreat center in the middle of nowhere. Because it was in the middle of […]

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The 22 Mile Home Photo Shoot

Ever since my sweet Kendall and I met, I’ve had a dear fried whose name just so happens to be Courtney right there with us to document every single milestone of our lives together. She was there for me before Kendall ever came along with my broken engagement. She was right here with me to […]

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The 22 Mile Farm.

With graduation looming in the air, I am reminded of the vicious cycle I have had to endure when I was deciding what I wanted to be when I grow up. You know the drill. When you’re little, you think you know for sure what you want to be, then you get to high school […]

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The pretty progress.

The minute that I knew this home would be ours, my imagination wheels started churning and I was already longing for the day when I’d be able to decorate our new home. At first, I felt a little bit cheated as I had no idea how much labor I’d have to go through in order […]

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The painting party.

The very first time that I stepped into what would eventually become our forever home, I immediately began to dream about how I’d make this place our own. I knew right away that the bright salmon colors, the baby blues and the tacky wall quote clings would be the first things to go. I spent […]

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The depressive days of dust.

In the past few weeks, I believe that I have officially entered in to a new kind of “low” as I live in the midst of our construction war zone. Even though my sweet Kendall and I decided to bite the bullet and hire a sheet rocker to finish our upstairs walls and we see […]

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Happy Birthday, Handy Man.

On the night before Valentine’s Day, after my Kendall had fallen asleep and I tip toed over our squeaky hallway floors to set out his gifts and a card, I had an epiphany. As I was writing down a small note to my husband in the obnoxiously over sized card that I got him, I […]

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