Renovation progress on pause.

As much as I love to see progress continue here at the 22 mile home, I will be the first to admit that I can feel a little bit overwhelmed at times with the work load ahead of us and sometimes crave a weekend getaway. Kendall, of course, will never complain and will take each … Continue reading Renovation progress on pause.


Snowed in.

I remember "back in the day" when the best three words that any mother could utter were "No school today!" You knew immediately that once you heard those blessed words,  the rest of the day was dedicated solely to doing nothing, except maybe watch a movie or five. Now that I've become an adult, snow … Continue reading Snowed in.

If you give your wife a ratchet strap…

During the entirety of this house build, I have prided myself on being able to do things most girls normally wouldn't know how to do... from running the little things like an air compressor, to the big things like a skid steer. There is one common household tool though that I have never ever, for … Continue reading If you give your wife a ratchet strap…