On to the Next Chapter

It’s absolutely surreal to think that the last blog post I made was announcing that my handy man and I were going to be having a baby. Once we saw that little plus sign, we kicked it into an even higher gear as our house completion deadline was fast approaching. So though the construction progress was still being made, my blog had to be kicked to the back burner.

You all know how the story goes anyways… we made it. The entire upstairs of our 22 Mile Home is complete and just a little over 200 of you were there to celebrate with us at our open house at the end of January. Once the open house ended, our attention was shifted to all things “baby” as we counted down the days to meeting our Josie Jean. And now here I am, trying to be that multitasking mom with a baby in my lap, attempting to wipe the dust off my blog and get back into action.

When we were living in the middle of our construction warzone, I had endless amounts of sawdust around me to inspire me to keep on telling the tale of the 22 Mile Home. Chaos surrounded me, so the stories came easy. But once we made the last stroke of paint, the last screw into the sheetrock, I often wondered about what direction I’d take my blog next. But heck, that was the last thing on my mind once Josie Jean came along. Suddenly I have this precious little human being that needs me and is relying on me for her every need, so once again my priorities shifted to the most incredible thing that Kendall and I have ever created together.

It’s always been my dream to be a stay at home mom, but mid-pregnancy, Kendall and I were realizing that in order to make ends meet, I would need to keep working once Josie Jean was born. Knowing that devastated me. It wasn’t anyone’s fault, but I just had to go back. Every single day of my maternity leave was pure misery for me as I sat and held so tight onto our beautiful little girl, only dreading the day that I’d have to hand her over to someone else.

Just typing that is bringing tears to my eyes.

So with every day that passed, I made it my mission to pray fervently that the Lord would provide for our family and show me a way that I could be able to work from home and stay with our Josie Jean. I’ll spare you the doom and gloom, but you guys. The Lord hears our prayers. And He used so many of you to answers those prayers and lay something big on my heart. Once I felt that nudge from the Lord saying “Hey, it’s all going to be okay. I’m going to provide.” I did it. I quit my job after four years of being the director of marketing and communications for our local chamber of commerce.

I’m officially a full time momma now, my dream job. And now, I’m so thrilled to announce to you yet another dream of mine that I still can’t believe I’m attempting to make a reality. Ladies and gents, I introduce to you… The 22 Mile Home Designs.

Okay, so what is it, do you ask? Here very soon, I am going to be launching my very home home décor line, if you will. I have partnered with a local company (that I will tell you more about later) and together we are going to bring to life any and every home design creation I can think of. I have visions in my head of creating designs such as coffee tables and end tables, bench seats, vase sconces, tea cup racks, chandeliers and beyond.

The design possibilities are endless, but all will have a modern farm house style to them, or a 22 Mile Home style, if you will.

Now that I have this big beautiful home of mine, I see it as a fresh new palette just waiting to be decorated. But finding the perfect décor that I envision, that doesn’t break the bank is my biggest battle by far. So I want to be able to offer you pieces that are unique, trendy and Pinterest worthy without having to cost an arm and a leg.

I plan to use a mixture of textures, combining metal and wood to create a look that I believe there is a large market for. Once these designs have been made, I will use my 22 Mile Home as the “stage” to show off the latest items for sale and hopefully inspire you in the process to want a design of mine to add to your home.

For now, I will posting these items as they are made for sale on my blog website (soon to be launched here), my 22 Mile Home Instagram and my 22 Mile Home Facebook page. I will only make one of each item to post for sale, but if more than one of you want it, we will make it again just for you.

I kinda feel as though I created a big hype over this once I announced my plan for something new at the 22 Mile Home, so I sure hope I haven’t disappointed you. I’m just a construction warzone wife turned blogger, turned momma, turned hopeful interior décor designer that’s just trying to find a way to earn a little extra income so I can stay home with our sweet Josie Jean. I look forward to where this adventure is going to take me. I look forward to the creativity that is going to take place. I look forward to seeing the response from this crazy idea of mine. And I hopefully look forward to seeing my designs in your home one day.

The concept of home has my heart and I can’t wait to help you make yours look even prettier. So stay tuned, the best has yet to come.

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