Next construction project: Nursery

In the past several months of summer, my heart was stirring. I could feel deep down that God was preparing me for something, I just couldn’t figure out what, so I was completely miserable. I prayed for what I thought I had needed, but I heard no answer. As if these months of my heart being in turmoil wasn’t enough, Kendall unfortunately had to work back to back to back weeks out of town. It was no fault of his own, but I felt alone in trying to figure out by myself what it was that the Lord was trying to prepare my heart for.

Have you ever been in a situation before where you thought you knew what to pray for what you needed, and the Lord ends up answering your prayer, but in the most wonderful, unexpected way? It wasn’t until months later, on June 28th, that I finally got my answer. And it definitely wasn’t the answer that I had been praying for.

During one of the weeks that Kendall was out of town working and I was home alone, it dawned on me that I should probably take a pregnancy test. Let’s just say that my “math” wasn’t adding up right. With only a yappy little wiener dog sitting by the toilet for moral support, I took the test. Almost instantly, I saw that blue little plus sign. Pregnant.

As you could probably imagine, I was in shock and my immediate reaction was to pick up the phone and tell Kendall everything. But how could I tell him over the phone? Obviously, I wanted to see his reaction, but I just didn’t feel like this was the kind of conversation that should be had over the phone. So believe it or not, I kept my big mouth shut. If any of you know me, you know that my worse downfall is being able to keep my own secrets. But I did it. Kendall would come home the following day, so I would wait until then to tell him my news of the century.

Thankfully my day at work was action packed, so I was able to keep my mind off of my gigantic secret. I got off work early and that’s when the time slowed back down to a creeping, crawling pace. As I literally sat and waited for the time to pass, I decided that I just couldn’t come out and say to Kendall “Hey, I’m pregnant.” Those words still were sinking in for me and I just couldn’t do it. So, in my blooming excitement to tell Kendall our news, I did what every Wilgers does best, I wrote my Kendall a scavenger hunt.

The words were just flowing from my pen as I wrote and suddenly, I had a seven clue scavenger hunt that would lead my Kendall to the news that would change both of our lives forever. So, no pressure or anything. I scattered and hid all of the clues. Then I waited. The moment that I saw Kendall’s car roll into the driveway, I went in to full on panic mode. I watched Kendall walk up the driveway, completely innocent. This poor guy. He has no idea of the news I am about to tell him that will rock his world.

We said our hellos and then just when I thought I couldn’t stand it any longer, I gave my Kendall his first clue. I didn’t tell him why or what this was about, just to follow along with what the clues had said. Here’s what they read.


CLUE #1-

Welcome home, Kendall! I’m so glad you’re here.

Since you missed me so much, I thought I’d bring you some cheer.

I thought it’d be fun to play this little game.

So don’t roll your eyes, I promise it’s not lame.


For your first clue go into your little domain…

Where you fix things and park the truck when it rains.

Find the big yellow rider that takes care of the lawn.

There you’ll find the next clue and it won’t make you yawn.


CLUE #2-

Okay, Kendall. I am impressed with your wit!

But we’ve still got more to go, don’t think this is it.

Find your next clue at the pad that’s straight to the east.

I love the guy who poured it, he sure is a beast.


CLUE #3-

Gosh, it’s sure hot. Is it time for the lake?

If we stand out much longer, I think we might bake.

Go back into the house where you’ve built the AC.

Is it really almost ready? Dear me, please let it be!


CLUE #4-

I am going to forgo sharing my next clue with you all. A girl has got to keep some things private and personal.

CLUE #5-

So I’m sure that by now you’re wondering and have dreamed

There’s more to this riddle than what you may seem.

Find the next clue with the girl who never lets you down…

She jumps and she barks and she’s black and she’s brown.

(I tapped the clue to the inside of Susan’s collar)


CLUE #6-

Hi Kendall, hi Kendall! You’re doing so great!

So what do you say we ditch Court for a date?

Let’s run to the spot where they give us the mail…

There you’ll find the next clue with a lot more detail.


CLUE #7-

Hooray! You have done it! This is the last clue to find.

I got you a present and I hope you won’t mind.

So open it up! I promise, this is legit.

When you see what it is, please don’t say sh*t.

Then there it lay… inside of the mailbox… I had lovingly wrapped my positive pregnancy tests in a little box wrapped with old newspapers. Kendall didn’t say anything when he first saw the box, but I could see in his eyes that he knew. He grabbed the box, grabbed my hand and said “Let’s go open this inside.”


The moment Kendall took my hand, I could no longer maintain my composure. The crocodile tears starting streaming down my face, hot with guilt, as if I had done something wrong. I watched those positive pregnancy tests slip into the grease stained hands of my sweet husband and then that’s when I saw the brightest, most sweet smile on his face.

“Court, we are going to have a baby!”

Hearing my love say those words finally made everything real. We really are having a baby. This isn’t something I dreamed in the night or made up in my head. It was actually real. And now, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Instantly in those moments of celebration with my husband, everything suddenly all began to make sense. This is what the Lord had been stirring in my heart for the past months. This is what He had been preparing my way for all along. I am going to be a mom!

Once the initial excitement wore off, panic then set in as I looked around  to still see and be reminded of the construction war zone that we were living in. This was by no means the kind of place that could welcome home a newborn baby in its current state. Even though Kendall and I wished that we had played our cards a little better than we had, everything is going to work itself out. We are required to have our home construction completed at the end of the year, only to welcome our new baby mid-February.

It’s guaranteed almost every day to feel those deep, overwhelming feelings of  all that must be done before this little baby arrives. But you know what, every time that I begin to worry, peace sweeps over me as I am reminded that this is what the Lord wants for us in this season. And I know He will see us through. Not only that, but He has gifted me with the most anchored husband there is to be by my side to support me, love me and see this house to its completion.

My love grows for my Kendall more and more everyday, as well as my love for this beautiful home that he is building for our family. Now that I know we are having a baby, I see everything in this home with fresh eyes. I see our gigantic farmhouse sink as the perfect baby bath tub. I see the wrap around porch as a real, live racetrack for the kiddos to zoom around on. And I see this home as an incredible space for our children to grow up in and make memories with the new family that we will be starting together.

Oh my, what an honor it will be to raise our family in this 22 Mile Home.


Our doors are open and you are always welcome…


3 thoughts on “Next construction project: Nursery

    1. When I read this story I got tears in my eyes. God is at work in us 24/7. Best wishes for the new little life God will be giving you in February. Your journey will be the best ever. Blessings.

      Liked by 1 person

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