He had my heart at concrete.

I fell in love because of concrete.

You know, it doesn’t sound near as romantic when I actually say it out loud, but it’s true. Before I ever stepped into the Chamber world, I worked out on a ranch camp and retreat center in the middle of nowhere. Because it was in the middle of nowhere and I saw the same 5 people every day, I usually didn’t put forth much effort in making myself look good. But on one random morning in particular, a morning that I would never forget, I decided to make an effort. I washed my hair, put on some lipstick and picked to wear my pair of wrangler jeans that didn’t have any holes in them. Fancy, right?  I attended my usual morning meeting then walked out the office door to start my day.

That’s when I saw my Kendall for the very first time.

The minute his big brown eyes caught mine, they darted away, and he continued to unload his mini excavator. What my directors had failed to mention during my work meeting was that we would have a construction company at our ranch for the next two weeks to pour the concrete for the new ranch kitchen. This was music to my ears! That meant two more weeks of getting to work with the rugged and handsome concrete worker with the big brown eyes. The rest of the story is history.


As you probably have assumed by now, the most recent projects that Kendall has been working on in our construction war zone has been concrete. This might sound like a bear to other home owners, but my Kendall loves his concrete projects. Too often I joke that concrete was Kendall’s very first love. Our biggest concrete project was completed months ago when we poured the world’s longest driveway. And now that Kendall has moved onto pouring our breezeway steps, patio and small pads for our air conditioning units, it’s suddenly feeling as though our house has always been established here. Day by day our house continues to evolve into our forever home and this concrete work has just been Kendall’s cherry on top.

Much to this wife’s dismay, Kendall has been working out of town for the past few summer months, so progress has definitely lulled here at the 22 Mile Home. When Kendall gets back home on a late Friday night, he of course focuses his efforts back on the house. He’s been putting in an order for a concrete truck to arrive on Saturday mornings at the crack of dawn, so there’s always been the pressure of having to get the forms ready on a Friday night.

For over a year now, we’ve been having to use the door into our garage as the main access to our house. The front door is inaccessible at the moment as it’s still a three foot leap to get in and is also being blocked by loads of sheet rock. Having the breezeway door accessible was going to be a life changer for us! Kendall had to split up his latest concrete project into two pours: one weekend pour to make the steps and the second weekend pour to finish off the rest of the patio.



For Kendall being the concrete expert that he is, not much drama was involved in this patio process and both pours went seamlessly. I’m sure that the concrete truck drivers thought that I was a complete idiot for running around like a crazy woman to take pictures of the concrete… but I got some killer shots so who’s the real winner here.

Now that we have this small bit of concrete finished, I’m amazed at how much we use this little space. And the best part now is that when people come over, they walk up to this little door to knock and come inside. Mind blowing, isn’t it!?

Even after four years of being with the concrete guy, I still know nothing about concrete. I’m not entrusted to pick up any kind of concrete tool let alone volunteer to help with a pour. So even though I’m basically useless during this part of our home renovation, concrete is still my most favorite project to watch unfold. I wish every day that I had a chance to go back in time and replay those first moments of meeting my Kendall.  But in its own brilliant way, watching Kendall pour the concrete at our 22 Mile Home is just as though I am travelling back in time to that very first concrete pour.


Our (breezeway) doors are open and you are always welcome…

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