The pretty progress.

The minute that I knew this home would be ours, my imagination wheels started churning and I was already longing for the day when I’d be able to decorate our new home. At first, I felt a little bit cheated as I had no idea how much labor I’d have to go through in order to get to the decorating stage. Though those days have been so long and the journey has been hard to get to this point, I still cannot believe that I’m finally being able to morph my blog into interior design posts instead of posts of utter destruction.

Though some days when I look around our home and feel overwhelmed by all that’s yet to be done, at the same time, I am amazed at just how close we are to completion! For the upstairs of our home, that is. By now I’m sure that we have all jumped onto the ship lap band wagon. I know that I sure have. While I have about 1,386, 077 different spots in our home that I wish were decked out in that beloved ship lap, I have tried to keep my creative urges under control; however, there has been one space in our home that I’ve always looked at and in my mind, ship lap has been on it.

The original kitchen was in the very heart of the home and it was though you had to make a complete circle around it to get to the rooms where you’d wish to go. After we completely demoed the kitchen, relocated it and removed pantries in the wall, we created a nice open wall and that’s when I knew that I wanted it to be ship lapped. Below is an arrow pointing to the original wall and then to follow is what it looks like after it’d been cleared.



Putting up ship lap on the walls have always been put at the very top of my priority to-do list and the very bottom of my handy man’s. So one day when Kendall and I both just so happened to get off work early before the lumber yard closed, I somehow sweet talked my way into firing up the pick up truck to go buy the shiplap for my wall.

The morning that Kendall had agreed to finally install my ship lap, I had a brunch event from my work to attend, so I wasn’t able to document the ship lapping progress like I had originally intended. My brunch only lasted a couple of hours, but by the time I came back, to my delight, Kendall had already covered the miserable maroon color in shiplap!


For those of you out there who may be ship lap snots, this technically isn’t true shiplap. True shiplap is a tongue and groove board and to my understanding, decently priced. So as an effort to save a little bit of money while still being effective with our technique, Kendall and I choose to use 1″x 8″x 8′ #2 pine boards. Kendall then beveled the edges of each board to give it the true shiplap look. I am obsessed with the way that it turned out! So long, maroon! I still intend on painting my shiplap wall white, but if you know me at all, I simply couldn’t wait to paint it before I shared a photo.

Months and months before Kendall finally shiplapped my wall for me, a big ol’ box nearly the entire length of the wall was leaning against it, containing our brand new dining room table. When Kendall and I got married, my grandma Lucy promised to buy us one special gift for our home. Just like my mom had done when she got married, I decided to choose a dining room table for our wedding gift. After being on the lookout all over the world wide web looking for the exact kind of table I wanted and wouldn’t break the bank, I found this beauty at World Market.


When you look at this photo the table looks tiny, because the room surrounding it is frankly, well, huge! But this farmhouse table will seat ten people comfortably and I’m sure lots more if we squeeze. I opted to keep both table leaves in permanently as I always want to be prepared to feed a lot of people. And who doesn’t just adore a gigantic table!?

I just love every little detail of this table. The natural pine color was at the very top of my wish list as I shopped for a table. I wanted it to be able to contrast nicely against the future dark colored hard wood flooring that we will soon lay. Between all of the raw wood colors that are currently being exposed from our floor sheeting, the ship lap wall and my unpainted pantry door, my poor farmhouse table’s color looks a little out of place.  I am confident that once we’ve got paint on the walls, and seats around the table, this table is going to pop and be a true highlight in this space.

Now that my table is assembled, I can already sense a new addiction coming on as I just know that I’ll quickly become addicted to buying place mats, cloth napkins, different glasses and cutlery to create a beautiful variety of my future tablescapes.



Between the fact that my heart just aches for warmer days and that I’m not quite able to decorate my unpainted walls yet, I have become slightly obsessed with covering my house with greenery. I don’t know what it is about a live plant, but there’s just something about it when I bring one into our house that makes it feel so much more homey.

Over the past months of living in our home, I have collected several different plants and I think I’m slowly morphing into the crazy plant lady. And I’m totally okay with it.


Just the other day, Kendall and I were at a sale and I decided to try my hand at gardening when I bought a blackberry thicket. Since there’s still a likely chance of frost outside, I decided to start out my blackberry farm in a terra cotta pot inside. Once if begins to bloom, if it begins to bloom, I’ll transplant it outside to watch it grow and then live off the land and feast on blackberries for the rest of my days.

I mean, how cool would it be to be able to say that you grew your all-time favorite fruit right in your very own backyard?! If you’ve got any experience or tips for what it takes to be a successful blackberry farmer, then by all means, please let me know.


Though the days seem to stand still some days and I go back to my feelings of being overwhelmed by the dust and the chaos, I look around me at these new pieces of pretty progress in our home. There is literally nothing than brings me greater joy than being able to collect different aspects that make up a home and put it all together to create a space that is especially unique to my sweet Kendall and I. Creating spaces and making a home is what I was born to do.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…


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