The knock on the door that I’ll never forget.

Never in a million years did I think my Monday evening would turn out like it just did tonight. After a day back at work, I came home to make Kendall and I supper and then we retreated away into our room to watch a movie and unwind.

About an hour into our movie, the dog started barking as though the world were coming to an end and sure enough, someone was knocking at our front door. After a quick glance out the window, I thought I saw my close family friend’s suburban so I took off in a dash to catch them out the door. I opened the door only to discover that it wasn’t who I thought it was, and to my utter horror, I was instantly humiliated by the fact that I was greeting a complete stranger in my Little Mermaid onesie.

This gentleman then quickly explained to me that both he and his family used to live here in our twenty-two mile home just prior to us buying it at an auction and proceeded to ask if they could come inside to see the progress. I was stunned. I have always wondered in my heart about the family who used to call this place home before Kendall and I would, and suddenly, to my utter delight, they were standing right there at my front door step. I had to just own up to the fact that I’d have to stride out in full confidence despite the fact that I was wearing a Little Mermaid onesie so that I could meet my long lost family.

I instantly fell in love with each one of them. As they walked the halls of our home, it was such a treasure to hear them recall how the house once was and compliment us on how we have reshaped the home. We took them through each room of the house and showed them the new nooks and crannies that we had created. They loved our shiplap fireplace and the wallpaper in the office and the new cabinet doors my sweet Kendall had made.

This whole entire time of the tour, my head was completely spinning. For one reason being the fact that I did not picture meeting my new family in my Little Mermaid onesie, but another for the fact that they were actually here in our home! I was elated to hear that they had discovered my blog and was keeping up with the progress, but then soon lost track once I had to rebrand my new website. I gave them my new little business card with my new blog address and they took a picture with my V.I.P. tour sign and then they were on their way…

The minute they had left and it finally sank in that I just got to meet this dear family, a million questions began to flood my mind that I wish I would’ve thought to ask them. I wish I could’ve asked them about the portrait drawing that I had found in one of the walls of the house and who it was… I wish I could’ve asked them who Stan was, because I found his name written on some of the wall studs that I exposed… I wish I could’ve told them about all of the bird books and children’s books that I found in the house’s little crevices and about the one little roller skate and rubber boot that I found that were each missing their mate.

I wish I could’ve heard the stories about how they had built this home and what it was like living there with their family. I wish that I had had my big farm house table all set up so that we could sit around and tell stories for hours on end. I wish that I had asked each of them for their mailing addresses so that I could write to each of them about our house progress and send them the newspaper clippings of my writing about the house.

My only glimmer of home in the midst of this all is that because I had given each of them my blog address, that they would find me on here and read this note that I have written special for them. So please, my new dear family, if you are reading this, please click on my “Contact Courtney” link so that I can get in touch with you and be able to stay in personal contact with you! I am hoping and praying that this will work.

Honestly I don’t know how I’ll ever be able to sleep tonight. I had no idea that this measly Monday would turn into a day that I will never ever forget. I feel as though my extended family grew by 10+ people tonight and my heart couldn’t be happier.

To my new family, you will forever hold a special place in my heart for allowing us to live in this home. Though you had no idea that we would be the winning bidders at the auction that day on September 6th, this house was destined to be ours next. This home now holds a huge chunk of my heart and I eagerly anticipate the many, many years that Kendall and I will spend together building a big and beautiful family just like the one I met of yours tonight. I hope you all know that our home will always be open to you and I hope that you won’t make yourself strangers. I also solemnly promise not to be wearing a Little Mermaid onesie the next time that I see you all. Thank you for having the courage to knock on my front door so that I could meet you.

With much love, Courtney.


Our doors are open and you are always welcome…



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