The painting party.

The very first time that I stepped into what would eventually become our forever home, I immediately began to dream about how I’d make this place our own. I knew right away that the bright salmon colors, the baby blues and the tacky wall quote clings would be the first things to go. I spent countless late nights on Pinterest pinning my inspiration and saving them for the long awaited day that I’d actually get to put new paint on the walls.

Little did I know that the one thing I wanted to do most would take well over a year of waiting before I could begin.


During that time of waiting, I would work alongside Kendall and watch him as he played his part to bulldoze, reshape and rebuild our twenty two mile home into its new layout. As much as I yearned to make my mark, painting would just have to wait and be the icing on the cake.

Once we made the decision to hire a sheet rocker to finish the drywall, my days of waiting finally came to an end and I was able to go and pick out my paint samples.
But let me tell you! If you follow me on social media, you probably are already aware of my dilemma in finding the perfect gray for our walls. Who would’ve thought? Gray is gray, right? Wrong. And yes, I am completely aware of the undertones that are put into gray colors and the affects that it has on the gray… but seeing it on the color swatch and then seeing it on your wall is a whole other ball game.

For almost two weeks, I just tapped swatches of paint with various undertones onto the walls and starred at each one of them hoping to be more inspired by one then the other. We ended up going our color called “silver plume,” which is the second color down on the swatch below. Now that a decision had been made, it was time to paint!


Our entire first floor in our house is completely covered in brand new sheet rock. The walls, the ceiling… It’s everywhere. And all of it requires a coat of prime and a coat or two of paint. I laugh at the irony because it’s finally the day I’ve been waiting for and now suddenly I had these feelings of dread as I blankly stare at the large task ahead of me. My shoulders and arms ache just thinking about the pain I will have to endure from rolling on all of that paint.

Last Sunday after church, one of my dear friends from our church small group came up to me and asked if Kendall and I would like to host a painting party in lieu of our traditional Friday night Bible study. I thought I’d have an emotional break down right there in church because I was so completely thankful for their willingness to take part in making our home feel even more complete. Obviously, I said yes, and agreed to pay all of my workers in an unlimited supply of tacos and chips and guacamole.

Prior to our Friday evening painting party, my boss allowed me to take the Thursday and Friday off in order to get the house prepped and ready to go. I gave the entire house a much awaited vacuuming with our shop vac in an attempt to eliminate all of the depressing sheet rock dust. That task alone took me nearly five hours to complete, but thankfully, my life feels a little more normal once again now that the dust is gone.

Once our work crew arrived and we had fueled ourselves with tacos, I kid you not, the house instantly began to transform right before my very eyes.


I wish that I could have properly captured all of my dear friends as they worked, but they all wouldn’t fit into a single picture frame! They disbursed into every nook and cranny of our home to ensure that every bit of sheet rock was covered in primer. Now that I come to think of it, I didn’t even touch a single paint roller or brush during the painting party.

Putting away the taco bar and filling each person’s painting trays with paint and making sure everyone stayed hydrated kept me completely occupied and then just like that, our walls were primed.


After only two hours of painting, our work crew had done all that they could do… because they ran out of primer! I had purchased ten gallons of primer in preparation for this party and they went through all of it. Minus the exception of our master bathroom and stairwell, they completely primed our entire upstairs walls.

Bethanne, Darren, Corina, Karissa, Jake, Yvonne, Gina, Rachel, Dan and Candace… you all are my heroes and will forever hold a special place in my heart for the work that you each put into our home.

Though it’s only primer, I am blown away by how much of a difference that paint can have on a space. The room is brighter and feels even larger than it already is. And not to mention, it just looks fresh! I’m not quite sure that my photos even do the space justice.


Now that the walls have been primed, the next and final step will be to paint the gray walls. Once the walls have been painted, it’s crazy how that will instantly unravel another 1,285 projects that we can now accomplish since the walls are finished. We can trim the windows, lay the flooring and maybe just maybe, begin to think about what I’ll want to hang on the walls.

After the painting party, I was completely beat. I mustered up all of the remaining strength that I could to scrub the paint off of me and then I was out like a light. When we woke up Saturday morning to the smell of fresh paint, Kendall and I were both inspired by the white walls to finish another long awaited project on my list: the shiplap fireplace.


Yes, it still has yet to be painted (white of course). Yes, we still need to add the sliding barn doors to the TV portion on top. Yes, we need to buy a new TV to fit the space. Yes, we are still going to make a custom mantel piece to put above the fireplace… but! The finished ship lap is just another small bit of progress, and I think it looks absolutely beautiful. Once again, these photos don’t even do this fireplace justice. This area in our home continues to prove itself to be my favorite little spot in our home.

As I sit here on a lazy Sunday afternoon in front of my newly ship lapped fireplace, my heart is overflowing with excitement for the days ahead. Suddenly our home renovation has evolved into what I call the “pretty process” and just like that, our house is looking more and more like a home. We couldn’t have gotten to this point so quickly without the help of our willing friends who came to my rescue. We are blessed with the best!

I have about a million other pictures that I would’ve shared in today’s blog post, but it’s all a part of my evil scheme to just come to our home and see the pretty progress for yourself. So come on by!

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…

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