Happy Birthday, Handy Man.

On the night before Valentine’s Day, after my Kendall had fallen asleep and I tip toed over our squeaky hallway floors to set out his gifts and a card, I had an epiphany.

As I was writing down a small note to my husband in the obnoxiously over sized card that I got him, I wrote my typical “I appreciate you and all of the hard work that you do for me.” In that moment of silence as I wrote on our newly poured concrete counter tops, already bearing a thin layer of sheet rock dust, I took the time to soak in what those words actually meant.


I know that everyone has a mixed view on how they feel about Valentine’s Day. Some ladies love it. Other guys are annoyed that it’s just expected for them to do something spectacular. This year I was not disappointed as I still received my beautiful bouquet of a dozen roses, six red and six white… but as I was being sneaky and preparing my handy man’s little valentine surprise, I couldn’t help but become overwhelmed by his display of love and affection for me through something much greater than a bouquet of roses.

All I had to do is look around.


As I look around every aspect of this home, evidence of my handy man can be seen in every nook and cranny. It’s seen in the hanging pantry door that I begged to be installed even though there were many other things higher on our priority list that needed to be done. It’s seen in the newest addition to our home, our concrete kitchen counter tops, as I revel in the memory of watching my sweet handy man loyally attend for hours on end to ensure that the finished result was perfect. It’s seen in the massive pile of wood scraps in the middle of our living room, bearing claim to the countless hours of work that he has put into making our customized kitchen cabinets. It’s seen in the surprise of new ship lap on a Saturday morning as my handy man knew that I’d been itching to see shiplap applied to our living room’s fireplace.

We’ve all heard of the “five love languages.” Mine has always rang true to be words of affirmation and quality time. But for my Kendall, his way of showing love has always been through acts of service. It just has hit me on an even deeper of a level of just how truly special this twenty-two mile home has become to me.

Yes of course a first house for any couple is special, but I feel ours is much, much different. We have had to fight and struggle for our home in a way that not many people I know have. Just when I begin to crack a sweat because I think I’m working hard, my Kendall is right alongside me, working even harder. From stories I have heard from his mother, Kendall came out of the womb and was ready to work. That hard work ethic is in his blood. But oh, how amazing of a feeling it is to know that someone is working as hard as they are because they love you.

This epiphany came at the perfect time as just yesterday we had the whole entire day to celebrate my sweet Kendall on his birthday. Yet again, I prove my point as Kendall worked the entire day here at the house, when others would’ve asked to be relieved of their “duties” for the day. As Kendall worked around the house, I was baking in the kitchen and preparing for his birthday supper.


Besides Kendall’s obvious love for me and for concrete, his third love that I had yet to mention is ice cream. Kendall has always been hard to shop for when it comes to gift giving… but this year I prided myself in coming up with Kendall’s 27th birthday present: an ice cream maker.

Every night after supper, without fail, Kendall will ask for ice cream. So I bought the maker, let Kendall open his present early because why not, and then took to work on making my first ever batch of homemade cookies ‘n cream ice cream. Minus a few minor tweaks, the ice cream was a success and I was able to serve it along with the chocolate cupcakes I had also made for Kendall’s birthday bash. My original plan had been to serve the cupcakes and then make a small cake for Kendall to cut in to and blow out the candles… My plan was going swimmingly well until I turn my back for one minute… only to find… OUR DOG ATE KENDALL’S BIRTHDAY CAKE.

But I’ll save that story for another day.


Both my and Kendall’s immediate family came to celebrate my sweet Kendall at our home. I can’t begin to tell you how much my heart had overflowed with joy in seeing the people that we both the absolute most in our home and celebrating the man that made this twenty-two mile home all possible. As always, it was so fun to show each of them the updated progress that had changed since they had last been to visit.

This will have been my third birthday celebration with my handy man and I only can hope and pray that I get many, many more. Each day I am blown away by the fact that Kendall is my husband and that he has chosen me to build his life with in this beautiful home of ours. A house may just be a house, but mine was forever be more than that because to me, it’s a brilliant display of my sweet Kendall’s love for me. How much more lucky could a gal get?

Happy birthday, handy man. I love with you my whole heart.


Our doors are open and you are always welcome…


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