Renovation progress on pause.

As much as I love to see progress continue here at the 22 mile home, I will be the first to admit that I can feel a little bit overwhelmed at times with the work load ahead of us and sometimes crave a weekend getaway. Kendall, of course, will never complain and will take each day head on and full steam ahead. There are some days that I have to be the “rest dictator” and literally demand that Kendall puts his hammer down and stop working to just rest a little bit.

So when I got an invitation from my sister Kayla to go on a little weekend getaway with her to Kansas City, I knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to literally pry Kendall away from the house for a little while. The sights, sounds and rush of the big city was definitely the change of scenery that we needed for the time but I still couldn’t help but immediately miss our new home and the sense of comfort that it now brings to me.


Okay, so enough about me! Let’s talk about the whole reason we even went to Kansas City in the first place. For all of your curious minds out that still may be wondering… Kayla had just recently started dating a high school class mate of mine. Still to this day I’m wondering why I hadn’t thought of this perfect match made in heaven myself! In the same way that  Kendall evens out my overly spunky self, Caleb is the steady, gentle spirit that I think is just what Kayla needs.

As Kendall and I were chauffeured around by the two love birds through the rolling hills of Kansas City, I was able to see how they both share the same love for the city life. They both crave the hustle and bustle. i\I’m telling you, these two can’t sit still for very long! They constantly are looking at the next adventure ahead of them.

Caleb took us through beautiful downtown where we were able to witness beautiful murals and then we were able to go see where he works and the airplanes that he worked on.


Naturally, my favorite part of this road trip was when Caleb asked us if we wanted to make the trek into IKEA. I don’t think that my clout alone would’ve convinced him to go there, but since Kayla hadn’t been there before, I got to take them on the grand tour into homemaker heaven.

Immediately as I stepped into the doors, I saw about ninety million different things that I wanted to buy for our house. I adore each of the mock up living rooms that were on display and took mental notes from each place that I gathered inspiration. I’ve tried really hard to rein in my spending on items for the house until it was to a place that it’s finished and I know what I’d need for each space. But of course, going to IKEA would be a waste without getting a few little souvenirs. Both were two staples for my home that I have always wanted, too!

I snagged the most darling little white tea pot complete with four matching cups and saucers to boot. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been watching a lot of Downton Abbey lately or what, but I just had to have it. I also got two of IKEA’s iconic faux plants that I plan to put in little pots and proudly display them on my kitchen’s open shelving. All the while that we were shopping and I was drooling over every throw pillow and area rug, Caleb and Kayla seemed a little out of their element. And yet, Caleb still manages to find Kayla a round basketball pillow to buy as her IKEA souvenir. I don’t know how he managed to find the one semi-sporty piece of merchandise in the entire store but he did, so I suppose I have to give him a little bit of credit for that…



After my adrenaline rush from being at IKEA had subsided, I was ready to be back at home. So we said our sad farewells… little did Kayla know though, what we all had secretly planned up our sleeves. You see, Caleb and I had been scheming for well over a month’s time to surprise Kayla and take her to a KU basketball game, which just so happened to be the following weekend.

Fast forward to the following Saturday… Kayla thinks that she is coming over to my house to hang out with me for the day and I teach her how to do a weekly meal plan. I told her to go into my pantry to get a few ingredients and ta-da! There was Caleb! Thank the Lord, I was no longer bound to my secret and the secret was now out that we would be getting dressed and headed to Lawrence for the KU versus Baylor game that same day. Sadly, amidst all of the excitement of the surprise, I was unable to document that Caleb was at our 22 mile home and got the VIP tour. So we improvised.


Now basketball games aren’t really my cup of tea, but even I will be the first to admit that there’s nothing more exciting that being there, live and in person, to watch a team that you’ve grown up cheering for. Once again, it was such a joy to see Kayla and Caleb embark on another adventure together. I was just thankful to be along for the ride.

To Caleb and Kayla (try saying that ten times fast)…

I wish you nothing but a future filled with adventure, crash-free hover board rides, John Mayer music constantly playing in the background and one day hopefully the realization that IKEA stands for “I knead everything always.”

I know this blog post is a little off kilter and not my typical renovation update for you all, but today as I write, I am reminded of how important it is to take time away from the daily grind and spend it with the people that you love the absolute most. More often than not, those moments of time are made into memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…



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