Snowed in.

I remember “back in the day” when the best three words that any mother could utter were “No school today!” You knew immediately that once you heard those blessed words,  the rest of the day was dedicated solely to doing nothing, except maybe watch a movie or five. Now that I’ve become an adult, snow takes on a whole new level of meaning. It means scraping your car and bundling up. It means driving to work like a granny and being next level anxious the whole time you’re on the road… but sometimes, just sometimes, you will get a call from your boss and she says “Stay home.”

I think the initial disbelief that I was getting a snow day caused me to not think to stop and take a picture of our 22 mile home in its first ever snow, in its new location at least. So this top picture doesn’t do justice to how beautiful the snow made our house look.


Once it finally sank in that I had the whole day to myself (Kendall sadly still had to go to work), I had to figure out what the heck I was going to do! The high schooler in me wanted to relive the good ol’ days and stay in bed and watch movies all day, but I decided to be a homeowner instead and get some odd jobs crossed off my list.

Now that Kendall has all of our cabinet doors built, all of our contents inside of the cabinets will actually be protected. Who would’ve thought! I mean I am all about the open shelves concept, but I was getting pretty tired having to first blow off a decently thick layer of dust off my spices so that it wasn’t the dust I was sprinkling into my food.

I took every can of food, every pot and pan and every spice that I had managed to stuff into the few shelves I had assembled and completely washed everything. My salt and pepper shaker, my bottle of vanilla… I washed it all. Maybe it’s a little pathetic that I am so excited about my freshly organized cabinets, but man does it feel good to have one more thing in our house be dust free.


Another small labor of love that I decided to tackle was sweeping up our entire upstairs in order to rid myself of a little more saw dust. As I sit here and type, I am listening to the loud hum of the table saw, so the dust-free floors didn’t last very long. But I had to do it for my own sanity.

You’d think that doing these two chores wouldn’t take too long, but it took up the entirety of my morning. Worn out, I decided to take a little break and do some painting. My only new year’s resolution this year (besides finishing the house haha) was to be more intentional about sending loved ones “happy mail.” So I got out my water colors and made a few notes for some people that have been on my mind.


By the time that I had finished my little cards, my sweet handy man came home and immediately wanted to take advantage of the long afternoon he had left to work on the kitchen. We took a ten minute date to the lumber yard and that’s where I begged Kendall to buy me my hinges for my swinging pantry door. You might remember me mentioning once that hanging the pantry door was on Kendall’s “not a priority” list, so to my shock and utter delight, Kendall bought me my hinges!

I had originally bought this door in the company of my mother-in-law, Denise, as we made a trek out to a barn sale in search of my perfect pantry door this past summer. I found the perfect fit, that turned out not to be the perfect fit, so my handy man had to plane down one side of the door and add a little more length to make it fit the opening.

Of course, I was too impatient to finish the door before I had it hanged… so I feel obligated to tell you that this isn’t going to be the look of the door forever! I plan to sand the door down even more and paint it matte black to match our lower cabinets. I could stare at this newly hanged door forever. It blows my mind with each little new addition that we make to the house as I can feel it become more and more like home.


I’m a firm believer that there are just some (snow) days that we need to dedicate to ourselves for doing absolutely nothing. But for this particular snow day, I am extremely thankful for the opportunity that I was given to be at home and nest a little more. It’s been so good for my soul.

Once the snow melts, come over for some tea.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…




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