“This is just my life right now.”

Ever since I became a housewife, I have striven to keep a neat and tidy home. I’m a firm believer that everything has a place and that it should be kept there when it’s not being used. The older I get, the more severe my OCD gets, but having to live in a construction war zone has forced me to throw that OCD out the window. I can’t tell you how many times I have to give myself a little pep talk just to calm my nerves down and say “This is just my life right now!”

I thought it’d be fun to write a blog post a little bit different than my usual progress updates and give you all a little glimpse of what it’s like living in our construction war zone… and also to remind myself that these things that I am living with right now are only temporary.

When we first moved into our 22 mile home, I would try to be like a little invisible  cleaning fairy that would swoop in behind Kendall and clean up the messes that each project would ensue. All too quickly I learned that my striving was all for nothing and that I needed to learn to let go a little and realize that a little bit of dust is okay. And oh, you should just see my house now that I’ve found this new freedom of mine! My floors are by far taken the worst hit.

Now that Kendall has shifted all of his focus into our kitchen and building the cabinets, there is sawdust anywhere and everywhere that the eye can see. My first reaction is to sweep, but five minutes later, it will be right back to the way it was. I always walk around our house in my bare feet and developed feet of steel, but I have met my match with our cabinet’s little wooden shavings. I had to do a minor surgery on the bottom of my feet to remove all of the splinters and sadly wear shoes inside now wherever I go, but this is just my life right now.


I think if I found a genie in a bottle and he told me that I only had one list, I’d probably ask for the counter tops to be done.

My dad came over this morning to help out with the sheet rock and the rest of my family joined later at lunch time to eat with us. All the while that I was doing the meal prep for my hard working boys, I kept having to wash and re-wash my worn out little bamboo cutting board so that I could have a clean surface to make each of my meals… but this is just my life right now!

When my sister Aubs was dishing up her pizza and caesar salad at lunch today, she said “I like the way the counter tops are looking right now!” but I quickly set her straight and said that she needs to stick to an actual counter top look. But if by some chance that this “look” becomes all the rage one day, I am totally taking all of the glory for it.


Once I had our lunch meal all prepped and ready today and the pizza was coming out of the oven, it dawned on me that we didn’t have a single non-dusty place to sit. Kendall has converted our current kitchen table into a building station for our cabinets, so it was completely covered in wood shavings and drill bits and mountain dew pop cans.

Kendall’s grandma Jennie gave us three card tables and folding chairs and they have seriously been a God-send. I hustled to get the least-dusty table from my stash and set up a place to eat smack in the middle of the kitchen. It was a tight and cozy fit with all of us squeezed around the table, but everyone was so gracious. I started to apologize for the seating situation… but they already know… this is just my life right now!


Kendall and I are still camping out in our little “studio apartment” that we have blocked off for ourselves in an effort to have one aspect of our home feel a little normal. This bedroom that we are staying in was the house’s original master bedroom, so there is private bathroom in this room. Since we plan to turn this bathroom into a guest closet, we didn’t hook up the toilet and shower… so that bathroom now serves as my make shift walk-in closet.

Even though that old bathroom has done a decent job of keeping all of my clothes organized, I still needed a place to hang coats and scarves and hats. Our studio just doesn’t have the capacity for that, so I have made our vacant entry way  into a second dressing room for myself. It also doubles as a dumping ground for random objects that I don’t know where to put and then also Susie’s little place to eat.

I have aspirations of turning this entry way into a beautiful display and first impression when you walk into our home, complete with double doors and a gigantic mirror to check your lipstick on the way out… but this makeshift ironing and dressing station is just going to be my life for right now!


My original plan in creating our studio apartment was for it to be a little retreat space that we could run away to and hide from the chaos of the construction. I even started to decorate and make it feel a little more homey… but somehow the construction followed us when we’d sneak away. This room has become as equally dusty as the rest of the house, as you will see in the picture below of our poor little end table. It’s a good thing that I like the color white because that’s the color that our pesky dust is turning everything. I kid you not, I will dust off these end tables and within an hour you can already see a new, thin layer of dust on the wood.

Breathe in… breathe out… this is just my life right now!


All jokes and dramatization aside, everyday is a new lesson for me to be thankful for every season, even the dusty seasons in life. In those morning moments when I’m just walking into work and look down to see my black pants are now white from the dust, I want to choose to be thankful. Even if it means just being thankful that this dust won’t be in my house forever! This is just my life right now!

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…

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