Cabineting in the New Year.

Kendall has worked so hard this fall to get our house sealed up and the heat installed into our basement to ensure that we wouldn’t freeze to death in our construction war zone. Now that he is officially done getting the house winterized, he’s available to move on to my indoor house projects which really only means one thing… the kitchen!

Kendall got a dado blade from my parent’s for Christmas this year, which is exactly what he needed to get our kitchen cabinets up and going. We enjoyed Christmases this year with both sides of our family, but the day after Christmas, he was already putting his new present to good use.

Kendall knows how much the dust in our house overwhelms me at times, but when he asked if he could park his table saw in the living room so he could get to work, of course I let him. Court wants her cabinets!


Before I even had time to bat my eye, Kendall was going to town on the lower set of our kitchen cabinets. Let me remind you, he has never made cabinets before… but Kendall being Kendall made it look like he’d been doing it for a lifetime. He never ceases to amaze me with his skill and mind for just knowing how to make things work. I really had no concept of how cabinets are built/refurbished, so it was fascinating to watch my love build away.



The beauty of living with your very own personal cabinet builder means that as you are inspired by a design along the construction way, you can show it to your builder and he can make it for you. It’s my biggest desire to create a home that is not what I call “cookie cutter.” I want it to have character and be unique to both Kendall and I.

So far along the way, Kendall has re-adapted our kitchen design for me so that I could have things like sliding spice racks, hidden trash can units and even some upper open shelving on either sides of my kitchen windows.

Before we moved our house the twenty-two miles, the kitchen was located directly in the center of the house. Once demo began, we decided to completely rip out the kitchen and relocate it to the former dining room area. We were able to recycle the old “bones” of the previous cabinets and will only be making new fronts with a shaker style. Below you will be able to see what the old cabinets looked like in comparison to the new doors that Kendall is building for us. It truly is amazing how much of a difference putting on new door fronts and hardware will transform a kitchen. I love that our new look will be simple, sleek and clean.


Another item that I had on my wish list for the house to be done but had also been deemed “not a priority” was to hang my barn lights above my cabinets in the little bar area. Last year, Kendall was required to go out of town for work, but when he came back, he surprised me with these amazing barn lights that he wanted to re purpose for me and use in the house. It’s like he knows my style or something!


As Kendall was working on the cabinets, somehow both his attention and my father-in-law Norman’s attention deviated to those barn lights. To my utter satisfaction, they made it their mission in that moment to rewire and hang them for me. Norman even had found the perfect vintage style light bulb to match the lights. Once they were rewired, they emitted the most perfect glow and suddenly my kitchen got a whole lot cozier.

Both boys teased me at the fact that there is still the pigeon poop stuck to each of the lights, but I was way too thrilled to care. In the year 2018, I will either be the trend setter for fashioning an authentic, pigeon pooped barn lamp or I will just repaint them a matte black color like I had originally planned on doing.


I know that in this home, the kitchen will be where I will be spending the most of my time. It’s really my favorite place to be and I am so beyond excited to see it finally coming together and becoming even more functional.

Cheers to a new year and a new kitchen!

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…




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