Concrete for Christmas.

Christmas is hands down one of my favorite seasons that I look forward to every year. The twinkle lights, the decorations, the time spent with family. I love it all. The one thing, however, that I despise about Christmas is having to keep my own secrets. Giving gifts to someone I love is one of my favorite things to do, but my natural tendency is just to give it to them right away.

I will be the first to admit that I have a problem and I am learning to cope with my shortcomings. That is why this year I waited until the last possible moment to do all of my Christmas shopping. Once December came around, Kendall and I both made a “pact” with one another that we would not be buying gifts for each other this year. Even though we had agreed on the terms, the closer it got to Christmas, the more my desire burned within me to buy Kendall something special.

I consider myself a pretty good gift giver, but since I have met Kendall, he has completely stumped me when it comes to gift buying. What on earth would I get him? My initial instinct was to get another puppy. We’ve been wanting another one, so now would be the perfect time, right? That idea sounded fun for about a minute before I surprised myself and voted against it. So now what? Buying Kendall tools was far too daunting of a task. How on earth would I ever knew what exactly he needed?

That’s when it dawned on me. Kendall and I were walking through Home Depot a few weeks prior and I remembered him making an observation over a concrete mixer he had seen in the corner of the store. We plan to pour concrete counter tops for my kitchen, so we’d obviously be needing a mixer for our concrete. We figured that the same amount of money it’d take to rent a concrete mixer for two days was the equivalent to buying a brand new mixer that we could keep forever.


That’s it! I had figured out what to surprise Kendall with for Christmas. It sounded kinda pathetic really at the thought of hearing someone ask Kendall “What did you get for Christmas?” only to hear him reply “….a concrete mixer.” Big whoop.

But oh well! I feel as though the entirety of our marriage will be spent telling each other that things we buy for our house will be substituted as a gift to cover all kinds of holidays such as birthdays, anniversaries and Christmases.  This was something we needed for the house, so why not wrap it up and make it a fun Christmas surprise?

I waited until the very last day that I could to commence operation “Get Kendall a Concrete Mixer for Christmas.” For step one, I had to steal away Kendall’s truck without him noticing. Thankfully, Kendall leaves for work in his car way earlier than I do, so once he left, I grabbed his keys and made a run for it. As I drove my sweet Kendall’s beloved Chevy, I couldn’t help but feel a sudden sense of responsibility on my shoulders as I handled that truck down the highway. Oh man, if only Kendall knew that I was in his truck right now…

Step two to operation “Get Kendall a Concrete Mixer for Christmas” was: Enlist the help of a side kick to carry out my evil scheme. Any guesses to who I might’ve picked?


Kayla and I had already spent the day shopping in the pre-Christmas time mayhem of Wichita, so even though we were already exhausted, Home Depot was the last stop on our list. We took a couple long and hard chugs of our Starbucks before we headed into man land on a mission for that concrete mixer.

Surprisingly, it all went well, even though we got a couple of odd looks along the way. I can only imagine what some of those guys were thinking when they saw two girls snapping pics and pushing around a concrete mixer.

Once the deed had been done, as if Kendall somehow had a sixth sense, he called us to announce that he was headed home from work. Kendall still didn’t know that I had been gallivanting all throughout the city with his truck, so I was suddenly on a new desperate mission to get home. I took my partner in crime back to her apartment and then I embarked solo on the last leg of my secret mission… get the concrete mixer home before Kendall sees me!


I have a tracker on my phone that will tell me where Kendall is at any given moment. As I watched that tracker on my way home, I realized that Kendall would arrive before I would. The surprise factor to my mission had failed. I was a little devastated on my journey home because I had been doing so well at keeping my own little secret. Kendall can track me too, so when I pulled up into our driveway in all of my sneaky glory, there stood Kendall in the driveway.

I backed in with my Christmas surprise and look in the rear view mirror only to see a giant, dimpled grin on my sweet Kendall’s face. “What’d you have there, Court?” he asked me. Within only a matter of minutes, I had nearly completed my secret Christmas mission and kept it a surprise, but my sweet Kendall caught me. My plan all along had been to unload the mixer and put it in our kitchen with a big ol’ Christmas bow. It would’ve been my perfect passive aggressive way of saying to Kendall, okay! Time to work on my counter tops now!

The more that I think about it, I’m thankful he did  catch me red handed because I don’t know how the heck I was planning to unload that concrete mixer out of the back of the truck by myself. Kendall of course makes us all feel bad about ourselves and just man handled the thing by himself and put it in the garage. No more having to keep secrets!


As I look at where our 22 Mile Home is now compared to where it was at this time last Christmas, I am completely blown away by our progress. Last year, only days before Christmas, our home was finally being settled onto its new forever foundation. The year 2017 was quite literally a year of “rebuilding” for Kendall and I. Thankfully I feel as though the hardest days are behind us and this new year will bring the prettier things for our home such as painted walls and finished concrete counter tops.

And who knows, maybe even by next Christmas I will be the one to host our family Christmas dinners! Oh, how I long for that day.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…

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