Baking with my Handy Man.

So I am going to toot my own horn here just for a little minute. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job as a wife to not complain to my handy husband that some house projects that “I want done” are not being done yet. Kendall has been working so hard these past couple of months to get our house air-tight and heated to weather the winter cold. So although progress is still being made on a daily basis, it’s more of the internal changes instead of the “pretty” changes that are clearly noticeable when finished.

While I suppose that I can wait for my endless list of little things to be accomplished such as my ship lap walls or working fireplace or swinging pantry door… there is one project that way deep down, I am aching for to be finished.

Can you guess which room of the house that might be?

You guessed it. It’s my kitchen.

Call me dramatic. It’s really not that miserable to work in when I think about it, but sometimes I just really wish I had an easy to clean counter top. Is that too much for a girl to ask? Kendall and I have (surprisingly) both agreed on the idea to install concrete counter tops once the time comes. But for right now, the only resemblance of a counter top is my beloved recycled old sheet wood that was once our roof. There are still millions of roof staples hammered down into the wood and even some pieces of black tar paper. It’d probably only take me ten or so minutes to pull all of those staples out but that’s honestly the last thing in the world that I’d care to do right now.


That being said, cutting boards have become my best friends. They keep me sane and give me a little comfort in knowing that I can at least do a good job of keeping them sanitized. Some of my staple baked goods that I make on a daily basis require more counter space than a little cutting board will offer, so thankfully I have Kendall’s old college kitchen table I can use when  I need to roll dough on a flat surface.

Just this week, my Chamber job was doing an open house, so I volunteered to make sugar cookies as part of the dessert menu. One day when I was scrolling through Facebook, I saw this video that had the cutest variety of ideas on how you could make a Christmas sugar cookie. I was immediately inspired, so I chose my favorite one to make.

For the first step, I had to make three separate colors of cookie dough. I used my sugar cookie dough recipe that I inherited from my momma Brenda because it never fails. When Kendall saw the dough in the fridge, he got all excited and said “I’m gonna crush these cookies.”

I had to break his heart and tell them that they weren’t for him, but he could have my “rejects” (also known as the cookies that I make that come out ugly and I deem unworthy to serve). He hates the rejects and always gets butt-hurt when he can’t have a pretty cookie even though I swear they all taste the same.


As I dove into my new endeavor and proceeded to the second step, I realized that this was going to take a lot longer than I had anticipated. Looking around my construction war zone at my options for helpers, all I had to choose from was an overly perky weiner dog or a husband that would probably much rather go out and sweep up ceiling insulation than bake cookies with me…

…so I picked the husband. What else would a girl do?


The first step of the cookie tutorial said that you had to take each color of your cookie dough, pull it apart into bits and then pile it onto your wax paper. I kid you not, by the time I had pulled apart both the white and the red dough, Kendall was still working on the green dough. Though his cookie dough pulling skills were somewhat lacking, he did contribute some hilarious commentary throughout step two.

Once Kendall got his green dough done, our mound of dough looked like this:


This pull apart process took about ten minutes and shortly after that, Kendall had checked out. I thanked him for his services and asked him one more favor to take some pictures for my next couple steps. So, next photo creds go to Kendall.

I put more wax paper on top of my pile of dough and then rolled it out with a rolling pin. This was the most satisfying part of the tutorial because you could see all of the colors of the dough morph together like some kind of Christmas magic.


Then of course, the next step was to use a cookie cutter to cut out your shapes. By the time I reached this part of the process, I was starting to lose steam and did not feel like digging through my kitchen boxes in the basement to find all of my Christmas cookie cutters. Thankfully my boss loaned me her cookie cutter.

After some a few pain staking moments of ensuring that the dough remained in the tree form, my cookies were ready for baking. I couldn’t believe that I had actually done it! Now my only worry was making sure that I didn’t pass out from exhaustion on the sofa while I was waiting for them to bake. That’s all I need is to burn the blasted sugar cookies.


To add a nice little extra touch to the cookies, I piped a red border around the edge of each of the trees because who doesn’t want just a little more sugar in their lives. After a late night Facetime conversation with Aubs questioning which color I should use for the border, I think it finished the finished product came out all right.

Another online tutorial win! Plus all of the cookies that were served at the open house were gone so that will always give a gal some warm fuzzies.


Our doors are open and you are always welcome….

…and there may or may not be some sugar cookies out for you to enjoy.



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