The Reason Behind the Name.

I have no idea what it is, but there’s just something about choosing a name that seems like an overwhelmingly daunting task to me. When I first started my blog, the only thing that kept me from posting my thoughts to the world was because I couldn’t think of what to officially call my blog. I stressed about it for weeks.

Well, you all know how the end of this short story turned out and I had originally entitled my blog to be called “Making Our Magnolia.” I was hard core crushing on Chip and Jo back in those beginner blog days, so I wanted to be just like them and document about how they’d inspired me.


My first few stories had a great response, I feel. As I desired to make my blog more known and reach more people, that’s when I started to have people question if I was infringing on copyright issues by using the word “magnolia.” I did proceed to talk with a lawyer, but one minute into the conversation I decided that that would be way too much work. It was time to re-brand.

Initially I was devastated because people were just starting to know me for my writing and for what I had “branded” myself. But the more that people heard about how I was in the process of re-branding, the more they encouraged me that this was my chance to stand out and shine on my own. Even though it was definitely not my intent, I don’t want to hide behind someone else’s idea. The Lord has given me an incredible life story to write about and I want that to be all my own.

So it’s with great joy, anxiety and relief because I hate keeping secrets to reveal to you what the new and forever name of my {our} story will be: The 22 Mile Home.


If you know my story, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out the reasoning behind the name. But in case you don’t, the reason I chose the 22 Mile Home is because I feel like those four little words perfectly sum up my and Kendall’s story. When our first home officially became ours, it had to trek those seemingly long 22 miles to arrive at it’s new forever foundation. And now even though our house has made its 22 mile journey, the journey doesn’t stop and I can’t help but be excited about how many more miles of journeys that this home is going to take us to.

To the faithful followers and friends that gave me ideas on what to call my blog, you are dearly loved and appreciated… but this name just felt so right to me. It felt like mine. As I’ve worked tirelessly to continue building this website, I have grown mightily attached and am so excited for this new name to take off!

There will still be the same stories, hopefully now better than ever. I am also excited about my new  venture of vlogging and sharing my stories with you via video. Some things we do at our 22 mile home are just too hard to believe unless you see it for yourself! So, welcome back to the gong show.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome….

Joanna, who?

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