Month: November 2017

Arriving at the 22 Mile Destination

Even though when our home was en route and I knew that it was in the best of hands, I couldn’t help but hold my breath the entire time the house was moving. But it made it to its new forever foundation. The process of aligning the house over the foundation was pretty incredible to witness. Watch it here:

The 22 Mile Home Drive By

Here’s some more footage of our 22 mile home en route and probably at its halfway point. It still blows my mind that our poor house was cut apart into three pieces, picked up and then hauled on the back of a semi truck for the whole 22 miles. Watch it here:

The 22 Mile House on a Semi

Oh, the memories that this video brings to me when I think back to the day we all had been waiting for… the day that our 22 mile home made it’s first (and last) trek to its new forever home. You know how looking back on your life you kind of make a top five list of “the best day you’ve ever had?” This … Read More The 22 Mile House on a Semi