Kendall’s first love.

I have absolutely loved our adventure of living together in a construction zone,  but the one thing that I just know I will never ever conquer until our house is completely finished is… mud and dust. We track it in and out of our house and I have already given up on the concept of sweeping. I have a whole pile of shoes that I have ruined to prove that my battle with mud has been but a sorrowful defeat.

Now if you know my Kendall at all, you will know how much of a concrete snob that he is. He really is a pro at it. I will never look at concrete the same way again ever since Kendall has come into my life and given me this new outlook on how concrete is supposed to be. I jokingly have titled this blog post “Kendall’s first love” because sometimes that all he can seem to talk about and I begin to wonder who he loves more.


In the days leading up to pouring our concrete driveway, that’s all my sweet Kendall could talk about. For the years that I’ve known him, all he could talk about was other people’s concrete, but at last he was able to pour our very own. All I could think about during the forming process was “Lord, please let this concrete come out perfectly, otherwise I will be hearing about it for the rest of my life!”

Kendall and his dad spent a countless amount of hours burning the midnight oil after a long days work to get the forms ready to bring in the concrete. When the morning of the first pour came, it was like Christmas for Kendall. With the help of some of our dearest friends and known concrete professionals, our driveway started to take form.


As much as I loathe concrete simply because I hear about it a lot, I can’t help but still hold a special place for it in my heart. After all, concrete is literally what brought Kendall and I together. I was cooking out at my ranch and needed a new kitchen… that’s when none other than my sweet Kendall came out with his concrete crew to pour the concrete. I fell hard from that point and the rest is all history.

Since I have zero knowledge or expertise on how to pour concrete and was too busy drooling while I watched Kendall work, I did my part to video the event and keep the boys fed with donuts. Here’s a little time lapse video of our first pour. Kids, don’t try this at home:

We ended up having to pour the driveway in three sections on three separate weekends since it was a tedious process to have to finish the concrete. Once we got the final middle strip of concrete poured, I couldn’t believe how much the driveway made our house appear as if it had been there forever. And now that it’s been poured, I can officially park my car in the garage! That’s something that I have never had the luxury of doing and let me tell you, it’s nice.


You know how I had said that Kendall is a concrete snob? Well, it’s to the point of extreme that he wouldn’t even allow me to put my hand print into the wet driveway or even carve the date into it. After countless “fake outs” of putting my hand into his precious concrete, we finally compromised and Kendall allowed me to put a penny at the end of the driveway with the year 2017 on it to commemorate the blessed day that Kendall got to pour his concrete driveway. I suppose that’s good enough for me!


Even though Kendall remains a concrete snob and will probably never change, he melted my heart when we were standing on our new driveway. That’s when he imagined teaching our kids how to ride their bike for the first time on this driveway, the sidewalk chalk art we will be able to draw and heck, maybe even teach our kids how to shoot a basketball. But let’s not get too carried away here on the basketball part. Yeah, it may just be a concrete driveway, but it’s another piece to the foundation of our magnolia home that Kendall is working so hard to build for our future family.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…. just roll up onto the driveway and park!


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