A family affair.

Ever since Kendall and I bought our magnolia home, I have been completely overwhelmed by the love and support that has been given to us by our families. There will never be any way that I would be able to track all of the hours that they have poured into helping make our home all that it is today. They wouldn’t have to give up their Saturday weekends when they could be resting after a long week’s work and they wouldn’t have to give up their week nights either when they have a million other things that they could be doing. And yet, they still show up.

This past Saturday we had planned a big work day and had deemed it our “mudding and taping weekend.” I’m going to be real honest here when I say that I was dreading it. It took everything in me when I woke up on Saturday morning to get myself mentally prepared for what was about to take place. Both my dad and Kendall’s dad had planned on coming to help, but when my dad called me that morning and told me that my brother Adam was wanting to come along and help as well, I was instantly encouraged. Then I heard too that Kendall’s Uncle Robert was going to come and help as well, I was just blown away. We now had four extra set of hands to help us out!

The whole morning as I worked alongside our helpers for the day, I couldn’t help by feel embarrassed at the fact that these family members of mine were here to help on my account. My human reaction immediately resorts to: “I will never physically be able to pay them back for all for all of the work they have done.” So I get overwhelmed with guilt. It wasn’t until halfway through the morning that I finally was able to hear God so clearly tell me that because they are helping me to finish our magnolia home right now, I will be equipped for later when I need to use my home to serve them. It finally all made sense. The amount of work and sweat that we are pouring into our home just for a short while doesn’t even compare to the years that I will have the opportunity to spend serving my precious family and others.

Once I secured that mind set, I was able to be more available to my workers and assist them in whatever they needed. My dad’s massive job of the day was to lead off the battle of the endless amounts of  mudding and taping all the seams in the sheet rock. Even though my dad is relatively quiet and focused as he works, I really enjoyed hearing his stories about how he learned all that he knows from my Grandpa Delmer. He learned from his dad, now he is passing on that knowledge to me. They are moments that I will cherish forever.

So with the efforts of Kendall hanging sheet rock and then my dad following close behind with the mud and tape, we were able to finish off the fireplace with sheet rock. This is a project that I have eagerly been anticipating and now it just blows my mind to see it all come to life. It is crazy to me how the house feels more and more like a home with every little new detail and finish.



We decided to take advantage of my sweet brother’s height, so we put him to work by having him lead up the mudding of all of the screw holes throughout the entire upstairs. It cracked me up to see how Adam is able to stand on the flat ground and fill the screw holes on the ceiling. I always knew our long legs would come in handy one day! So not only was Adam able to help assist us in maneuvering those out of reach holes, but he also served as the job site’s DJ and filled the house with motivational song that kept the spirit light.


Kendall’s dad Norman and Uncle Robert deemed their task of the day to attempt to piece back together the siding on the front side of the house. This all had to be removed when we moved the house, later to rebuild it back to its standing position. Back when our magnolia home was still in Galva, Kendall and I removed the siding piece by piece and labeled and mapped every single piece of siding that there was so that one day we could put it back together again. I don’t know how Robert and Norman were able to decipher my labels, but the siding on the house kept growing and great progress was made. Every time I stepped outside to view their progress, it gave me some serious dejavu and I immediately felt like I was rushed back in time to when we had just bought the house. Pre-house destruction mode, if you will.


As if trying to be a liaison through all of the chaos isn’t enough of a job, you have to then worry about feeding your army. I had just planned on taking the whole crew out to the local pizza parlor in town until my grandma Lucy had texted me asking if she’d be able to bring us lunch. Once again, I was instantly encouraged that she thought of me and was able to do something for me that I wouldn’t have to worry about. She even washed my dishes for me later in my little wash bins! As we all sat and rested, eating our sandwiches and chips, Adam said “this is always the best part of the day.” And I couldn’t agree more.


Just when I thought that my heart wouldn’t be able to handle any more gratitude, my beloved boss texted me and said that she was about to show up and hand deliver to me a box of peaches that I had really been wanting. She brought along “doc” with her too, so I was able to give them a tour and beam with pride as I showed off all of our most recent progress. Later that night, my whole family joined us for supper and we were all able to enjoy the fresh peaches that had been given to us.


Even though I thought that we would wake up and have to suffer another brutal work day, it turned out to be a day full of blessing from all of the people that I hold most dear in my life. Because of the many hands that were present that day, so much was able to be accomplished. I wish that you all could truly know the depths of my gratitude to you all. The work may indeed be hard, but it’s made so much lighter when you have people alongside you to encourage you and sing the Beach Boys “Barbara Ann” every step of the way.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…

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