Learning to live without.

For those of you who know what it means to be the wife and the homemaker of a household, you will probably relate when I say that some days it takes all you have within you after a hard days work to come home from your day job and immediately kick into your wifely duties. Anybody? Or is it just me?

As if having to plan your upcoming meal and make sure you had the adequate groceries for it wasn’t enough, meal prep takes on a whole new meaning to me now that we are in our magnolia home. The only current sink that has running water in it is in our little guest bathroom, so it’s been a large task to think out my meals around the fact that I don’t have a running sink nearby me in the kitchen. When the time comes for me to get a meal ready, I take my two little black wash tubs and go outside to what I lovingly call the “well” as I fetch my water for washing and for rinsing. I then haul the two tubs back inside to my jimmy rigged counter tops and… wa-lah! I have my own little washing station.


Just as I was starting to grow weary of having to haul my wash water to and from the outside, I came home today to my sweet Kendall installing our farm house sink! I found this beauty brand new on E-Bay and with the help of my father-in-law’s bidding skills, I was able to win the bid for this sink at a very low cost. This sucker is massive. I can’t help but day dream about the little babies that I’m going to give the infamous kitchen sink baths to in this sink.

What cracks me up about our newest renovation is the horrendous faucet that is currently attached to it. I have yet to order the industrial styled kitchen faucet that I have selected via Pinterest, but for now, my innovative husband was able to hunt down this little ol’ bathroom faucet that wasn’t being put to use. As long as it is able to supply me with the water that I need, I will choose to be thankful for the little silver faucet that I have. It may be small, but it serves a mighty purpose for us now.


Once I have my washing station set up in the midst of my meal making process, my food preparation begins. Slowly, but surely I have just now been able to locate my favorite kitchen tools and spices that I use during every meal preparation. Now that I have my old faithfuls in tow, the time it takes to make my meals is getting shorter each and every day.

Adapting to a new stove is also a challenge, but I am loving the appliances that we picked out. I am thankful to have a stove that fills the air with its sweet and savory aromas. Ah, the wonders that a savory smelling house will do to make a house feel more like a home.

I kept having problems with my pots and pans that were on the stove spilling over the sides and onto the floor, so I went on a scavenger hunt through our dump pile in a desperate effort to come up with some kind of misfitted counter top. I might get splinters now as I’m cooking and it doesn’t exactly look the prettiest, but it serves its temporary purpose well, I’d say.


The one last aspect that I’ve felt makes the house feel more homey is the smell of freshly laundered clothes as you walk in the side door. We have yet to create a vent that will connect and blow out the hot air from the dryer, so currently I only have a running washing machine.

My temporary clothes dryer is now a few dry racks that have more than paid for themselves ten times over. Then when I have a lot of laundry on some weekends and I get desperate for more drying space, I whip out Susan’s long wire dog line and stream it across our still exposed wall studs. If I want to speed up the drying process, I open our patio door and then things really get serious.


Even though my every day house wife tasks have been just a little more cumbersome, I have learned to have an attitude of thankfulness and remember that this will only be temporary. Honestly, it’s been a fun adventure to “camp out” but I sure will be glad to have my little luxuries back. Home might still not look like the home that I want it to be, but it sure does taste and smell like it once again.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…

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