The dirty blessing.

Whenever someone new is coming to our house for the first time, they usually tend to be apprehensive about being able to find our house. My usual directions that I give go a little something like this: “Drive all the way to the end of the cul de sac and that’s when you’ll see the house that looks like it got hit by a tornado.”

Oftentimes I wonder if our neighbors ever regret signing the petition that they did when we came knocking on their doors last year asking if they’d allow us to move our home onto our now property. Poor dears, they are officially living across from a construction war zone right now… But I have hope that they all understand that it’s not always going to be the way that it is. They have all been so good to us, actually, and I love seeing both old and new faces as we see curious onlookers that drive past our house on a daily basis. Little do they know that all of the progress is currently unfolding on the inside of our magnolia home.

As of only about a week and a half ago, my sweet Kendall has officially given the curious onlookers something new to look at as they drive by because we have finally been able to haul in enough dirt to back fill around the house! I don’t know how else to describe it other than the fact that it looked like our house was almost up on stilts as you could clearly still see the concrete from the foundation peeking out from the ground below. It has been completely mind blowing to see the wonders that clod-y ol’ dirt can do.



And after…






Have you ever heard the expression when they say “dirt cheap?” Well, I chuckle every time I hear that now because dirt takes on a whole new kind of value to me. The amount of dirt that we needed to back fill at our house was almost astronomical. Where the heck would we be able to find this amount of dirt without having to pay an arm and a leg for it? After months of not knowing and praying and wondering and being a little self conscious that our house actually did look like it got hit by a tornado… a dirt deal came through. Turns out, a local business here in Hesston was needing dirt on their property removed, so Kendall and all of his co-workers were able to haul that unneeded dirt to its new home where it was so desperately needed. It was an unbelievable, dirty blessing.


The hauling process took just a little over three days of non stop trucking back and forth from one end of Hesston to the other. Just a little over three hundred loads, to be exact. And 4,228 whopping tons of dirt.

I guess to give you a visual picture of just how much dirt that is, below here is a picture of Kendall sitting in a gigantic hole that he had just pulled our top dirt from. Right where the skid steer is sitting had originally been our “ground zero.” Shortly after this photo was taken, Kendall then filled up this gaping whole again with dirt so that it’d sit at it’s new elevation, right where Susan is standing.


When Kendall asked me to marry him, I knew right from the get-go that I was getting a gem of a hard worker who would work with his whole heart each and every day. But ever since we have gotten to our magnolia home, the talents that unfold from Kendall just blow my mind. He honestly never ceases to amaze me. I’ve spent countless minutes of time these past days standing out of the way as I watch him run these massive pieces of equipment.


Most days I worry that Kendall works too hard, but I am reminded that that’s just the way that God wired him. Kendall has a work ethic that you wouldn’t believe and it makes me well up with tears just thinking about all that he does for me. As I sit here and watch my sweet anchor man in the seat of that dozer, my heart over flows as I watch him literally paving the way for us and our future family. Ah, the progress that only continues to unfold here at our little acreage.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…


One thought on “The dirty blessing.

  1. 😦😦😦
    I have to stop by tomorrow!!! Will you be home at all??
    If you aren’t home, I’ll just be the creepy drive-by-er.
    Kendall is freaking amazing! (you are too, no doubt).

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