The turn key home.

Well, I am so happy and so proud at the same time to say that it’s officially been a week of living in our magnolia dream home. Now that I have been living here, the real estate term “turn-key home” takes on a whole new meaning and now I don’t think that those people who are looking for a turn-key home aren’t so crazy after all. I want a turn key home too!

Somehow Kendall and I inconveniently managed to coordinate our move in date to where I would be sleeping in the house for the first time all alone as Kendall would have to be working in Oklahoma for the week. Being home all alone takes on a whole new meaning when you’re in a place that’s still all too unfamiliar and the slightest creaks and crannies will summon a spook. But with my little guard dog by my side, I managed to survive. Honestly, I couldn’t be more happy here. My heart feels at peace and my longing for home has finally been fulfilled.

While Kendall was away, I was given some time to myself to do what I love to do the most: make a house into a home. But I think in this case, it was more of a mission to make our house skeleton a little more livable so we didn’t feel quite like we were living in a construction war zone, even though we still kind of are. Because I had been so adamant about moving into our new home as soon as it was possible, there have been quite a few mechanical “luxuries” that we have settled to go without until we find the time to make happen.

Currently, out of the 5,000 total square footage of our house, there is only one little room that has air conditioning. I have deemed that little room as my sanctuary, as I often resort there during the moments that the summer heat of the day is almost overwhelming. This room that I call the “”studio” is the room that we are currently camping out in  and will eventually turn into a guest bedroom. As I was deciding on how I would like to decorate this room, I did my best to do so with my house guests in mind. Which I hope will be you one day!


My dad was my hero and helped my dream come to life after he helped me install the (first of many) ship lap walls. I plan to hang a lot more white ship lap throughout the rest of the house, so I thought that doing more of a “raw” look in the guestroom would be really pretty. I absolutely love the way that it turned out. Welcome to the studio…


I love the natural light that this room holds and how airy and fresh it feels in here with the newly painted white walls. This room may not be big, but it’s the perfect little cozy space that Kendall and I both needed to retreat to after a long day’s work. I have yet to finish the detailed decorating since I have all of my little trinkets packed away, but it sure has been fun to shop around for new pieces!

Just this past week while Kendall was away, I summoned my mom and sisters to go shop with me as I was on a mission for two art pieces to hang above our end tables. I hit the jackpot at the Hobby Lobby clearance rack and got these two massive, already framed, canvases for $18 bucks each.


Before I knew that we’d be living in this little guest room, I was ripping out old carpet and carelessly cutting away the edges as I was eager once again to say good bye to the things of old. Well, as you can see, the old yucky carpet is still here and what’s still exposed was my janky carpet cut. Annoyed as I was at myself, I was determined to find something to mask my mistake. I found this wicker rug that I’m now slightly obsessed with at Ross, of all places, for another very cheap price! Then to put the icing on the cake, I found this little brown wicker basket at my favorite local thrift store to help mask my cut carpet even more.


Another consequence that we face for my eagerness to move in is that we don’t have our gas line hooked up yet. That means no hot water. But before I start to complain any further, I actually welcome the cold shower as another way to find relief from the heat!

Another consequence that we face for having no heat is that we have no dryer to dry our clean clothes in… So I went a little old school and bought drying racks for the clothes and have actually really liked drying my clothes this way. I’m not going to be too hasty in converting my methods over to the old-fashioned side, but for the time being, it has worked really well and the clothes dry fast since the house is so hot. And it doesn’t cost us a penny!


I think the project that I am looking forward to getting done the most these days is finishing out the kitchen. We have yet to get our kitchen sink installed, so having this unfinished kitchen has caused me to think a lot harder about my cooking tasks at hand before I even begin. What can I make for supper that won’t come from the microwave and won’t render a mother load of dirty pots and pans? I have two little buckets that I use to wash the dishes… I have to go outside to our working faucet hose and haul the water back into the kitchen so that I can hand wash my dishes, rinse them and then pray that they don’t get any dust on them in the drying process. It’s a pretty old school method, but it works.

Below is a little sneak peak into one of my many jimmy rigged projects that I have seen  need for and put together since I thought I’d need just a little bit of organization in my life. In this case, I really needed a little counter space to store small food items and utensils and also to have a place to work while I cooked.


As hard as I am working to keep our house clean and not make it feel like a construction war zone all of the time, I feel as though the one enemy that I will never be able to master until this project is completed is the dust. I also think that my feet are now permanently stained a few shades darker of a grey as I wander the floors of our home in my bare feet. I don’t know where the heck this dust is coming from, but as hard as I try, these are the size of piles that I sweep up in the house almost every time. When I used to sweep up these massive piles of debris, I’d only see them as a burden and a bother, but now I choose to see it as a joy. Because  sweeping reminds me that we are finally home. This magnolia adventure has only begun.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…





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