The fortune cookie has spoken.

There have been some days that I am working at the house along side my sweet Kendall and suddenly become consumed by the feeling that there will never be an end in sight. I know that progress is happening day by day, but when there aren’t these big, visible changes that are being made, it feels like the progress slows drastically. Just a couple of weeks ago, Kendall and I made a “date night” out of a trip to Home Depot to finally buy some sheet rock.

As many of a times as we had requested for Home Depot staff help with loading and selecting our sheet rock, no one ever showed up. So we took matters into our own hands and loaded all of the sheet rock we needed for now onto two squeaky carts. There are some days that I feel pretty guilty about not taking the time to work out, but then when I had to help my love pick out, push around and then load about 1,500 pounds of sheet rock, I didn’t feel so bad! Kendall rewarded me with a coconut snow cone afterwards for my (not-so) valiant efforts.


I swear that sheet rock contains a magical power because as soon as we started to hang that “rock” on the wall, our house was instantly transformed. Just like that. Almost in an instant our house went from looking like a skeleton to a complete home. I was ready to move in the minute Kendall put the last screw into the sheet rocked wall. That’s when Kendall told me his famous line that’s getting a little all too familiar these days: “Court, I think you might be getting a little ahead of yourself here…”


I was able to help Kendall with the bits of pieces of the wall every evening after we both got off work, but we were both pretty pumped about our three day Memorial weekend and using that time to make some serious progress on the house. I was gone the whole day on Saturday for a bridal shower (shoutout to Kimmy and Chance) so I was unable to help Kendall out. After I returned to the shower, I walked into our house and it felt like I had stepped into a time warp to back when we had just bought the house at auction.

I don’t know how he does it, but he did. He is a force to be reckoned with. I wish you were standing in the living room with me right now soaking it all in because my photos don’t even do justice.


These past few weeks I have been so restless and dying to get out of our apartment that I have lived in for almost three years now. I literally have tried everything from trying to rent a tiny home to live in, to asking family friends if we could borrow their RV, to just straight up being willing to settle with living in a tent if that meant that we could be at our house. Just last night as I was finishing my Chinese take out and Kendall and I were deep in conversation as to whether or not we could make a one month move in possible, my fortune cookie confirmed it all:


Okay fortune cookie, well if you say so….

So guess what I did today? I turned in our 30 days notice to our land lord and we will officially be moved into our magnolia home by July 1st! There are still a lot of little details that we will have to have ready for when we move in… ya know, just the basic necessities like running water and working air vents… but I am confident that we will be able to pull it all together. Especially since Kendall’s fortune cookie went on to read: “The trouble you are facing now will soon go away.” HOW CAN THAT NOT BE A SIGN!?

Since the house is still a construction war zone, our plan is to completely section off the former master bedroom and make it into what I affectionately call our “studio apartment.” Don’t you worry, I’ll be doing a blog post about that later. So let the countdown begin…. 30 days of preparation and chaos means 30 days of being even closer to decorating and dinner parties. My heart is bursting at the seams.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…

One thought on “The fortune cookie has spoken.

  1. I saw this and had to read it before I started the dishes! Soooooo exciting!!! But now I want Chinese food… can’t wait to see that little studio apartment!!

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