Let there be light.

It’s amazing how now that we are in the process of building a house, I am reminded of the daily luxuries that I so often take for granted. One luxury that I definitely have missed is electricity at the house. Ever since we were able to move the house to our acreage, we have had to run a temporary electrical line of 220 feet to our nearest power source. Now that we have walls again and Kendall has finished framing out all of our upstairs, we are working to regain power again! Thankfully I married into a long line of handy men so my father-in-law who I like to refer to as “Normsies” has taken on the gruesome task of getting our house to light up.

You would think that you just run a couple of wires through a wall and plug it into an outlet or light switch, but no. Rewiring our electric has turned into a much greater feat than I had ever imagined. First of all I don’t even know how Normsies knew how to do this in the first place, so I’ve been super impressed from the get-go. But do you have any idea how much pressure it takes to make a split decision when your father-in-law asks you: Where would you like your light switch for so-and-so lights to turn on? Where would you like an plug in outlet to go?

Wait, what? Isn’t there just like a general rule for this kinda stuff?


When Normsies asked me that I felt as though in that second I was to give him the name of my first unborn child. It’s a heck of a lot of pressure. Usually when you move into a house your outlets are already there and someone has made those decisions for you so you just roll with it. But now that we have a blank slate and have free reign on all things electric, I have been able to brainstorm some pretty clever places for outlets including: outlets in the floor in the middle of the living room so I can plug in my lamps on my future end tables and also an outlet in my walk in pantry so I can plug in/hide my microwave.

I’m sure this all seems pretty minimal to whoever might be reading this, but never have I been more excited to flip a light switch and see my light come on! It completely melts my heart to be outside at night when it’s dark out and the house is all lit up… It looks all warm and cozy and like a home and it makes me never ever want to leave.


With the newest arrival of electricity to our home, we had an another additional source of light be installed this weekend… Natural light! One of my most favorite features about our home when we got our first tour was the ginormous picture window located in the family room. There has been a gaping hole boarded shut in the living room ever since we had to remove the window for the house move, so it was literally a night and day difference after Kendall rallied his troops to get my window installed. The difference in light that this window made astounded me.


You can’t tell from this photo, but as soon as you walk into the front door of the house, the first thing you will see is out this window to the back of our property. Just check out that view! This window is facing the east, so I can’t wait to enjoy my morning tea by the fire, curled on my couch and watching the sunrise out the window.

The big ol’ hole next to the window is for our french doors, but those will be installed another day.


Each day our house is becoming more livable and more like a home again, so it is making it even harder at the end of the day to come back to our whimpy little apartment. Oh how I long for the day to be home.

Our doors are open (the lights are on) and you are always welcome…

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