A Magnolia dream come true.

If you know me well at all, you would know that I consider birthdays a national holiday whenever they roll around. This year marks my turning a whole quarter of a century year old, so to my absolute joy and surprise, my sweet hard working husband told me one day that he would be taking me to Magnolia Market to celebrate. Is this real life?

We took Friday off and embarked on an adventure that I never thought would actually ever come true. Seven hours later, we arrived to Waco. Sadly the silos were closed by the time we had arrived but we were able to do a drive by and I was instantly blown away. The location of the silos totally took me by surprise…  They were smack in the middle of a pretty shady part of town, so everything around the silos were pretty run down. But then suddenly, when you pull up, there are all of these beautiful white magnolia buildings in all of their glory. In that instant of seeing the silos for the first time I felt as though I was in the episode with Chip and Joanna when they were standing on the very road where I stood to reveal the magnolia  bakery to their kids.



For those of you who also have a dream to visit Magnolia Market some day, here are a couple of tips for you: Try your absolute best to be able to find a day to visit that’s not a weekend day. It’s complete mayhem but I will get to explaining that later. Second little tid bit of advice, call ahead of time to book your hotel reservation. Kendall and I had to call about a million hotels before we were able to finally find the last suite available at a Holiday Inn Express (for a pretty penny though). We asked multiple hotel clerks why so many of the hotels were booked and they replied “a lot of people will be going to Magnolia Market over the weekend.” I wasn’t about to tell them that yeah, I’m one of those people.


I didn’t sleep a wink of course but morning time rolled around and we stepped into the magnolia mayhem. I was immediately overwhelmed by all of the people who came to visit the same exact things that I had traveled so far to see. I was dying to go into the warehouse, so we stood in line for about 25 minutes or so, so that we could get in to shop. Once “we were in” I was overwhelmed once again by my desire to punch a couple of really rude strangers  in the face and of course Joanna’s decorations.  It was hard to concentrate on what I actually wanted since there were so many people!


But after scouting out the whole warehouse, I narrowed my selection down to a long ol’ chicken feed trough for my kitchen table, two large decorative metal sconces with vases, a white butter dish that is shaped like a barn, a long sleeved magnolia farms t-shirt, and a magnolia magnet. (I’ll post some better pictures of my purchases later). My sweet Kendall was such a trooper and patiently followed me around and held my items for me as I zig zagged in and out of all of the glorious displays.


Once we arrived at the checkout counter, I was able to see Chip and Jo’s hand prints stamped into the cement counter tops so that was a definite highlight. I think my favorite part of the trip was when I got to chatting with the ladies at the register and they asked what brought us here to Magnolia Market… I proudly explained how my husband brought me here for my birthday. That’s when one of the ladies said, “Wait just one moment, I’ll be right back.” Then she came back with a cupcake in hand for me! She told me that we both had shared a birthday and she wanted to give the cupcake to me. I about broke into tears right there in the store.


The cupcake was called “shiplap” and it looked beyond perfect, I wanted to keep it forever. The line into the bakery was at least a million miles long, so since we had already landed ourselves a free cupcake, we opted to go and enjoy it together in the magnolia gardens.




Once we had walked the rest of the grounds and the terf and checked out all of the food trucks, we hoped back into the car to map down the Harp Design Co. For those of you who aren’t Fixer Upper die hards, Harp Design Co. is Joanna’s go-to designer for when she needs a table or any kind of kick-butt furniture built for one of her designs.


We didn’t take away any little souvenirs from here, but we were able to snap this shot in front of one of the houses that Chip and Jo had flipped for Clint and his family! I was so pumped. It’s the weirdest, most amazing feeling knowing that both Chip and Joanna were here at some point or another.


Now I sit here in the car with my sweet Kendall somewhere on a road in the middle of Fort Worth. We’ve only gone about 20 miles in two hours, so it’s allowed me a lot of time to blog and assure myself that this is all actually real life! This was by far a trip of a life time and I think that because of it, I have fallen even more in love with this magnolia movement. I long for the day that I can paint my ship lap white and then hang my new magnolia souvenirs on the walls to remember for years to come. Kendall Wayne, I want to thank you for giving me the adventure of a life time and for working so hard to make our very own magnolia dreams come true. I love you all the way to magnolia and back.


Our doors are open and you are always welcome….

4 thoughts on “A Magnolia dream come true.

  1. I really could hear your voice telling this story!! Even heard a few squeals! So glad you were able to go! I know you would have really had a big squeal of you would have been able to meet Chip and Joanna!! Well, maybe next time you should let them know you’re coming. You know she’d invite you to the farm for lemonade and muffins! 😎

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