Dishes in my farmhouse sink.

After being down and out about not winning the bid at auction for the kitchen cabinets I wanted, I decided to heal my sorrows by doing a little bit of retail therapy. I’m a firm believer.

After recommendation from a family friend about which company that we will now be ordering our cabinets from, the designer in me kicked in and wanted to get to work. I scouted out what cabinets I wanted, then lo and behold, I see this little flashing light on the website that said I could work with a designer for free to come up with a kitchen design. I couldn’t resist.

After almost two weeks of constant back and forth e-mail conversations with our designer, we finally came up with a layout for the kitchen! I had to go to our house to measure the entire layout of the kitchen so that my mock ups that would be sent back to me were all to scale. Also note in these design mocks, the only design aspects that are officially what I had selected are the white cabinets and black counter tops. The black splash, cabinet hardware and floor coloring all make me cringe and I have a far better design theme in mind. Obviously, it includes white subway tile. Here is what our kitchen currently looks like:


And now, drum roll please…. Here is what it is going to look like:


It’s a huge transformation, right!? Don’t worry, we will get to a more detailed tour here in a second, but I just had to point out the top items on my wish list. It is my firm belief that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so I wanted to be sure to incorporate the bar stools for a seating area for our guests. I can sit them down at my bar stools with coffee and hand, and they can keep me company while I cook. I think by far my favorite aspect of this layout is what I like to call the “stove top cave.” I think it gives the kitchen grandeur and unique character.




I bet you’re probably wondering why I don’t have a kitchen island… Well don’t you fret, because I definitely plan on getting one! Since our kitchen isn’t the widest kitchen ever, the island was definitely the hardest part of working with the designer. After seeing the designer’s mock, I couldn’t decide if that’s what I’d like to go with or if I’d rather have Kendall build me an island that consisted of more of an open shelving concept. What I do know though is that I’d like to do an opposite effect with the island to give a contrast off of my white cabinets, so a black island with a white counter top. Here is the mock up with the island that the designer sent me:



Golly how I wish that these kitchen designs were as easy as changing your Instagram filter…. You can see one design and if see you don’t like it, you change it again and again until you find a filter that you love. Then you roll with it.

I am at least very thankful for these design previews and am still in awe of how quickly these pictures made our kitchen come to life. After weeks and weeks of what seemed to be endless hard labor, it sure is nice to be able to work on the “pretty things” and imagine up the design finishes of our home. We still have quite a ways to go until my kitchen is filled with the smell of homemade cinnamon rolls and a pile of dishes in my farm sink, but a girl can dream.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…

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