My magnolia shopping spree.

Day three of being sick, but I feel like I am finally on the up and up. After sitting on my butt all day binge watching the food network and trying to rest, I couldn’t help but day dream about the magnolia purchases that I made this past weekend. I had to share! As much […]

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The great paint debate.

Courtney Critchfield, here. I think that all of the excitement from visiting the Magnolia Market finally caught up to me, so now here I sit in my jammies marking my second sick day from work. Other than that I am proud to report that I am still alive, suffering only minor injuries as my handy […]

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A Magnolia dream come true.

If you know me well at all, you would know that I consider birthdays a national holiday whenever they roll around. This year marks my turning a whole quarter of a century year old, so to my absolute joy and surprise, my sweet hard working husband told me one day that he would be taking […]

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Put the hammer down.

Just a couple of days ago I had to attend a lunch meeting at my work, but arrived a couple minutes early. Instead of just sitting around waiting for my people to arrive, I decided to go to the bike shop next door and browse. Within a matter of minutes and before I even knew […]

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Dishes in my farmhouse sink.

After being down and out about not winning the bid at auction for the kitchen cabinets I wanted, I decided to heal my sorrows by doing a little bit of retail therapy. I’m a firm believer. After recommendation from a family friend about which company that we will now be ordering our cabinets from, the […]

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