Move in ready.

Sometimes I forget what it used to feel like when I had a “normal” Saturday… usually waking up with the intention of using the day to do laundry and then in the end, whimping out and finding myself on the couch binge watching Netflix. Those were the days.

Now that Kendall and I have, ya know, a house to build… Saturdays have become our one and only sacred day to work and get things done. Our date nights have turned into date days consisting of shingling, tearing up floors and attempting to agree on finishing touches. In a way, I always dread Saturdays just because I know it’s going to be a grueling day of both psychical and emotional energy spent and yet, at the end of the day, nothing feels more rewarding than to see what we had accomplished during our short window of time. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you worked alongside your husband to create your shared dream. I wouldn’t give that up for anything. So just a little disclaimer for you: if you ask me to do something on Saturday with you, unless it’s a matter of life and death, I will say no. No hard feelings, it’s just my life right now.

Mother Nature didn’t exactly cooperate with us like we would’ve hoped this weekend, so our roof shingling ventures have been pushed off yet another week due to the wet and rain. With that being said, Kendall took the opportunity to dig a trench, so that we can bury our electrical lines. That’s one step closer to us having power, folks. Which also  means one step closer to us being able to move in!


I write these blogs so that I can remember the day-to-day challenges that we had to endure during this magnolia adventure, but the one thing that I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fully describe is the weather. My sweet Kendall is such a trooper and it gives me the shivers just looking at these photos. When you look at them, you can’t feel the bone chilling wind oozing straight through your cover alls or all of the tiny spits of rain hitting your face. It took him all day in the cold and the rain, but 325 feet later, we have our trench for electric.


Since Kendall was being an excavator hog and wouldn’t let me operate the equipment, that gave me the day to work on a couple of projects at the house that I had really wanted to take on. At the top of my list was to clear out what used-to-be the master bedroom. I call this our “studio apartment” because I fully intend on making this our little mini home once we have running water and electric and are able to move it. It’s the only room that still has decent carpet and doesn’t feel like a complete war zone.


Ever since the auction, this room was somehow automatically deemed a storage room, so it quickly inherited a variety of odds and ends from the house that we wanted to keep including: insulation, a million miles of trim, our disassembled fireplace, air vents and a random door. I still have no idea where that door came from.

Susan was my little helper for the day, so she followed me up and down the stairs probably near 60 times as I carried down all of our home supplies to it’s new for now home in the basement. My legs are still on fire from those stairs. If anyone ever needs a good work out, you let me know. Try walking up and down the stairs carrying at least 50 pounds every trip and I’ll guarantee you feel a burn. So not only can I eat a whole package of Oreos guilt-free today since I had a killer workout, I also have a pretty decent studio apartment to look forward to moving into. But seriously, that blue and wall sticker have to go.


The second project I’ve been wanting to work on is making a little sign to put in our front yard. The more I talk about it, the more ghetto it sounds… But I’d really like to have this cute little sign that says “Our magnolia is in the making” and then list my website so that more people can read about our journey. As I was painting my white sign, Susan thought she’d try to “help” me paint and so now we have a white dog. I was able to build and paint my sign, I just have to write on the lettering now. I’ll be sure to post a picture or five when I have it staked in our front yard.

Even when it can get discouraging that we only had one day to work,  Kendall and I are constantly working to remind each other of how far we really have come in our magnolia home journey. As much as I hate the stinkin’ wall stickers that are plastered all throughout our house, there’s one that I see that is always reminding me to cherish each  moment.The reminder is always nice, but I still hate those stickers. Even if I’m not living in the house yet, I couldn’t just leave them as they are in all of their glory.  I often forget to listen to that writing on the wall and soak in every little moment that Kendall and I are making together in our home, even if it’s just on Saturdays for now.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…



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