Not My Auction.

Ever since last September when Kendall and I reigned victorious at the auction that deemed us home owners, I have been all the more interested in attending auctions. In the past week, I found a post on Facebook about an upcoming auction that would be selling all things home renovation including farmhouse sinks, carpet, hard wood flooring, kitchen cabinets and pretty much anything else that you could think of. I definitely wanted to go so that I could snag some more bargains. Kendall was leading a shingling crew on Saturday, so he felt like he needed to stay at the house to keep going on the roof. So naturally, that deemed the infamous father-in-law Normsies to go along with me to not only be my voice of reason, but my personal bidder.


We rolled up to the auction at 10:00 in the morning and I immediately had my eyes on some white shaker cabinets that I’ve been drooling over on Pinterest. Come to find out the auctioneers wouldn’t actually auction these cabinets off until more than half way through the auction, so the entire time I am having to suffer through feelings of anxiousness and wondering if I’d get the winning bid for my beloved white cabinets. Then it came time to auction off the cabinets. This would be my second moment of glory, right? First the house and now the cabinets?

Normsies helped me to get the bids rolling and to my utter disgust, another bidder challenged us right away. I looked back to stare down my bidding rival and to my shock and horror it was someone I knew. They were bidding me up against MY kitchen cabinets. The nerve!? In the end, the cabinets went above the budget price that Kendall and I had set so it was my bidding opponent who rose victorious.


Even after the brutal loss of my beloved white shaker cabinets, Normsies and I continued to make several attempts at buying carpet and a really cool window that I wanted for the front of our house. All three went out of our price range. As the almost four hour long auction came to a discouraging close, my last ounce of hope was banked in a rustic looking wood tile that I wanted to use in our mud room/laundry room.


Once again, there was immediate interest in the tile, so we had several bidders chime in during our two minute battle for the tile. But thankfully, we got the bid and I got a steal on a laundry tile that I had always wanted. Or so I thought….

Normsies and I went and paid for the tile then loaded up our 1,300 pounds of tile into the truck. Then in all of my pride and glory, I rolled back up to our house where I beckoned Kendall to come down from the roof to see what I had brought home for us. I open up the boxes of tile to show my love, and we see this.


Duds. All duds. My $800 worth of tile was a mixture of cracked, spray painted, half painted, completely blank tile. I had been  ripped off and my stomach was immediately in knots. I begged Normsies to go back to the auction with me to demand our money back, so we did. Thankfully, the auctioneer was a lot more gracious than I had expected him to be and we got a full refund. We even got to keep the whole load of tile. I will be curious to see just how many more boxes of tile was completely ruined like the three other boxes that I had frantically ripped opened upon discovery. Maybe I’ll even made lemonade out of lemons and create a unique white and wood design with my dud tiles… Maybe. Right now I’m still in my mourning period so we will see how inspired I become once I snap out of it.

So despite an emotional day of anticipation that only lead to complete disappointment, Kendall and my dad were able to make great progress on the roof and Normsies and I were able to help as well. It’s our hope that if we get one more beautiful weekend like we did yesterday that we will be able to get the rest of the roof shingled. In the mean time, I think I’ll take a break from auctions because I don’t know how much bidding more my heart can take.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…


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