Asphalt in my lipstick.

Growing up, I have always loved helping and learning from my dad as he acquired roofing jobs over the years. I was pretty excited to be able to show Kendall my acquired “skills” as we had planned to shingle our roof this weekend. For those of you who may know a thing or two about shingling, you might appreciate this number: Kendall had to haul 180 packs of our “rustic black” shingles up onto our roof.


Early Saturday morning when our alarm clock rang, I woke up with the same feeling like you get in your stomach on Christmas day. There was going to be so much transformation taking place and I couldn’t wait to see it. Kendall went straight to the house to get to work with my dad and I naturally went to the donut shop to pick up some sweet treats for our helpers. I arrive to the house, hop out of my car with donuts in hand and that’s when it hit me. The wind. Not like a little breeze that runs peacefully through your curtains when you open a window, type of wind. More like a there must be a hurricane coming but I just don’t see the rain. It was brutal.

Whenever I get dressed to go work at our house, I always have to remember to dress 10 degrees colder than it actually is when I am outside at our apartment. Since our house currently sits on our three acre lot with zero trees surrounding it, it’s almost ridiculous how wide open the wind can howl.

Now I have to climb up a ladder and be on top of a roof all day? Let me tell ya, the wind gets even worse the higher up you go.  It irks me that in every photo that I took of the day, the sun is shining nicely and appears as though all is right in the world. I had Kendall take this little video of me so you could at least see how bad the wind was. I still don’t think that it does the day justice. Side note: this was my brilliant method of getting down the roof to work so that I had  less of a chance of just falling flat on my butt. Genius, I know.

Despite the wind, I attempted to brave the heights and get to work on our roof. I was partnered with my dad and from the get go, I jokingly said that after an hour my dad was already tired of working with me. My definite highlight of the day was when I had to take my dad for a ride in the hydraulic boom lift. I was the only one besides Kendall who knew how to operate it, so I had the pleasure of maneuvering my dad up and down the highest side of our house to get the shingles started. I think I counted at least five times that dad claimed he was going to be motion sick. But I swear my driving was level expert.


As I was working with my dad in the boom lift, I remembering thinking for the first time ever that I regretted wearing lipstick that day. As we were roofing, the asphalt from the shingles stuck to my lips like a magnet. Dust gets into your eyes, loose shingles were flying through the air and I think I had at least fifty mini heart attacks from watching people walking so close to the roof edge and seeing the wind nearly push them over.

Come lunch time, I was pretty much over the wind. I have never been afraid of heights in my life, but being up on that roof and having the wind’s strong forces of the pushing me around made me feel super unsafe. I felt guilty, but I just couldn’t be up there any more. I even tried begging Kendall to just call it quits because the wind was so brutal, but he insisted that they keep going. So they did.


I don’t know what we would’ve done without all of the helpers that came and braved the Kansas wind for the day for us. A very special shout out to my brother Adam, my dad, Kendall’s dad, and Kendall’s friends Trevor and Corey for sticking it out! You all are my heros. Mom and Kayler even came to help and were up on the roof  in the morning with me too, but as soon as the boys said we could get down, we got down. We heard coffee and new episodes of Fixer Upper calling our name.


img_3159As I was leaving the office on Friday for the weekend, my boss shouts at me as I walk down the hallway… “”Have a good weekend, Courtney! Don’t fall off the roof!” Gosh am I ever thankful that none of us took a spill. We didn’t get near finished what we hoped that we would’ve due to the wind, but huge progress was made  and everyone is safe. I love how our house is continuing to look even more like ours. My muscles are sore, but it only reminds me to be thankful for our new home that is transforming day by day.

Our doors are open and you are always welcome…

2 thoughts on “Asphalt in my lipstick.

  1. Good job up there! I love seeing all the pictures you post , who was watching Susan though? I can’t wait to spend the night there when we come back to visit!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Aw thanks Jess! Susan was unfortunately in the balcony at the apartment because she has gotten way too comfortable venturing off into the neighborhood and beyond haha. Come back soon so we can have our first night in the house initiation!


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